Eliminating The Fear Of Sales Rejection
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Are you in sales? Your answer will be ‘yes’ if you own your own business. But many people dread prospecting because they dislike feeling rejected. This is the first error in sales. Stop selling and focus on solving.

If your expectation is that your offer will be rejected, you’re selling. Your offer IS rejected before you even get started because you don’t know how to show how your offer applies value to your prospect’s situation. Then, you wind up feeling rejected. And, you don’t get to help people with your unique solution.

So, how do you change things around? I mean, after all, you really DO want to help people solve their problems. First, stop focusing on the expectation that your offer will be rejected. This helps you eliminate your fear of sales rejection.

How do you do that? Follow this simple process.

1. Understand that your solution must be talked about in terms of how it helps solve a worry or fear upon which your prospect is focusing. In other words, your offer CAN’T be all about how you make money from your prospect. That’s what helps YOU. Your sales offer MUST be focused on how it can help your PROSPECT’S worry evaporate.
2. You must genuinely CARE about solving the prospect’s worry or fear. If you are in your business for the money, most likely, you will continue to struggle. Sure, money is a part of being in business but developing a genuinely caring relationship with prospects is more important than focusing on making money.
3. So you can relate to what’s important to your prospect, you must know what’s most important to your prospect. Then, you RELATE to the IMPORTANCE TO YOUR PROSEPCT of solving that problem. We all know what it’s like to worry or be afraid. So focus on helping your prospect eliminate his/her worry or fear and you ARE genuinely caring and teaming up with the prospect to solve his/her problem.

4. Once you know the worry or fear keeping your prospect up at night, personally relate to it. Imagine having the same problem as the prospect. Show how your product or service can help your client sleep well at night once again. Ask yourself what YOU would do to solve the problem for yourself if YOU had this problem. When you come up with that solution and apply it to your prospect’s problem, you will see how to make the prospect’s life improved so he/she can finally get some sleep at night.
5. Tell a story rather than make a direct sales pitch that makes sense to the prospect. This story will inspire the practicality of him/her changing from being worried or afraid to moving forward to really solve the problem. That means you are telling a success story. Here’s a personal example.

I am an independent representative for North American Power. North American Power is a company that helps businesses and people reduce their utilities costs. What do I do with the affiliate funds I get from them? They satisfy my desire to help children.

I’m giving the majority of my affiliate funds to a non-profit charity that makes human hair wigs for kids losing their hair to chemotherapy, cancer, and other causes stressing kids out. I can relate to helping kids since my first born son was born with physical disability needs. I had a lot of help for him while he was struggling so much. Now this is my way of paying forward the help I got for my own son.

North American Power is a company formed after new laws were passed that deregulated how much you must pay for electric and gas. I invite you to go here to learn more:


I work with many different types of people all desiring to achieve specific dreams and goals. One common dream or goal is to live financially comfortable. My clients want this for their family as well as their business. So, I am currently looking for people who want to be able to afford niceties in life.

Instead of always directly asking people if they want to reduce the cost of their utility bill, I ask them if they have children. When they say yes, then I ask them to tell me their dreams about their children. As they tell me their dreams, they are actually telling me their life story.

Often, they tell me they’re worried or afraid they won’t have the money to provide their children these niceties. Once they talk about their worries and fears, I’ve connected with them through step #1 of the above-described process.

Step #2 in the process is about genuinely caring to help people live improved lives. As I listen, without interrupting, to prospects tell me their story, I show I care. I let them express to me what’s important. I can learn a lot about a person by listening instead of interrupting and doing the talking about my offer.

I really do care about helping people. And, it’s important for me to know HOW I can help them if I can. Since I really do care, I’m also following step #2 of the problem-solving process.

Some people say they’d like to send their child to college or get them music lessons or buy them new clothes. (This is step #3 in the process above.) Now that I know what’s important to the prospect, I focus on using that challenge. I describe that just by doing something differently; they can improve or satisfy their worry or fear AND do by doing things a little bit differently instead of spending more money they already don’t have.

Once they tell me their dreams about their children, I now can relate to what’s important to them. I have children myself. So, I can relate to a parent’s concerns about how to give their kids niceties or advantages to help them get ahead in life. (This is step #4 in the process.)

In step #5, I ask them to go to my website. I explain that by taking just a few minutes to see if North American Power could save them money on their utility bill, they could use the savings to start a college fund for their child or give their child music lessons or buy their child the new clothes they want their child to have. In this step I have suddenly made relevant how I can help a prospect achieve his/her goals by taking the time to lower the cost of his/her utilities.

No matter what your product or service, you follow this same simple process. THIS is how you eliminate your fear of sales rejection. You stop selling and focus on solving. Once you do that, your entire world can change for the better!

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Susan Fox is a coach, trainer, writer and entrepreneur. She helps women entrepreneurs and business owners fearlessly move forward in their business.