Fear is good. Fear prompts the body into reaction when there is no time to think, your mind and body react appropriately to the given stressor. The problem arises when anxiety attaches to the “fear” and what is anxiety – it is the anticipatory thoughts of “what if” and this fuels the fear. When fear and anxiety come together, they produce a phobia. Now all planes must be feared in actual presence, in your mind, on tv or even the sound of a plane will be enough to set off your anxiety in relation to fear of flying.

Fears with anxiety attached limit your capabilities because for example, the fear of flying stops you going on holidays or if you do go on holidays you are miserable and “suffering or enduring” the holiday just anticipating how dreadful the flight will be and the fear of flying endures being given more and more power by the anxiety. What happens if you have to fly for work? The compulsion to fly actually compounds the fear you have because you have no choice in the matter.

What if there was a way you could overcome your fear of flying, as long as you wanted to change? Hard as it is to image there is always a benefit from our behaviours, if there wasn't we wouldn't have any issues. Hypnosis cannot help someone who really doesn't want to be helped or sits there with the attitude of “change me”. To remove concerns in relation to fear of flying, you have to feel comfortable , believe it and see it in your mind as already having happened and these feelings, this passion about how great your life can be being free from your fear of flying. You have to be excited about the future. You need to feel passionate and alive.

Each time you give into your fear or phobia of flying, you make it stronger and your confidence drops. The brain contains 12% of your blood supply at any given time. When you experience anxiety, there is a surge of blood to area of your brain that is associated to the phobia of flying. This absorbs energy from the brain cells that surround this phobic area. And the more you feel anxious the stronger it gets. With hypnosis we are breaking the connection in relation to the fear of flying. In your brain electrical impulses are firing off making connections all the time. It is necessary to break them and then re-form better positive connections that can change your thoughts and your body's reactive processes.

We give images to the brain of how you want to be, how this would feel like for you to free of your phobia and as these images become brighter and more alive inside your mind, the energy surrounding the phobia begins to weaken. But that is only part of the resolution of the phobia. Like anything, you had to practice making the phobia a phobia, now you have to practice feeling calm and relaxed and how great your life is now this is no longer an issue for you the best it can be. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real or what is imagined and we use this to our benefit as you practice your techniques and adjust your mind to feeling comfortable and more relaxed.

Because of the origin of the fear is at a subconscious level then subconscious access is required to overcome it. To re-programme your mind to be comfortable when flying does not necessarily require a trance state, hypnosis eases the connection and aids relaxation which in turn allows the conscious mind to switch off. When the subconscious mind opens up and the purpose is to empower the new neural connections dealing with being calm and relaxed while flying. Being able to access and reduce heart rate can allay fears of a panic attacks.

Once you have experienced your outward journey and feel great, you can relax and enjoy your time away, knowing the return journey will be even better because you have actually experienced it.

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Zita Stanley is a hypnotherapist in Co. Laois, Limerick and Dublin, Ireland. Zita specialises in anxiety related issues and blushing. She has appeared in print, TV and on radio giving advice on how hypnosis can work for you. For more information visit www.ZitaStanley.com.
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