The mind is amazing! As human beings, we have a unique ability to think and reason that far exceeds any other living thing.

With this ability comes the choice to build
up or tear generate fear or be noble or degrading...all initiated by thoughts.

Just as you can develop and train your body and soul, you can also develop and train your mind. (It's all connected).

Training yourself to think good and powerful thoughts AIN'T EASY! It requires effort, intention, and lots of practice.

Mentor Business Coach Christine Kane uses a quote that I love, "Energy flows where attention goes."

In other words, where you place your thoughts is what will flourish in your life. This is a powerful idea.

Think about how much time you dwell on negative, critical, judgmental, and destructive thoughts. Is that what you want to grow? How can you eliminate this wasteful thinking?

Rabbi Finley says that you can place your pointer of consciousness on thoughts that produce the kind of person you want to be. If you want to be a more virtuous person (loving, respectful, caring, wise...) then you need to spend your mental energy on those thoughts.

When you catch yourself going down a negative thought spiral, you can actually replace that thought with something better. Try it!

Since you only have a set amount of hours in the day and a limited amount of mental and physical energy, perhaps you can put yourself on a budget...a Thought Budget.

Choosing to put your energy into positive thoughts does not mean becoming like Pollyanna and living in denial and avoidance of life's difficulties. You still need to solve problems and deal with issues.

However, it does mean guiding the tool of your mind toward growth and goodness and letting that have a larger percentage of the pie.

So try putting yourself on a Thought Budget this year.

Spend wisely.

Author's Bio: 

Belinda Lams of Soul Organizer is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Professional Organizer, and speaker. She is passionate about helping people live from clarity and purpose. Belinda is available for coaching services by phone and can be reached at