As a child our parents, family members, teachers and the media contribute to our perception of how the world works. As a child did you hear the grown-ups around you say things such as; Money does not grow on trees, I'm not made of money, be realistic, only a few lucky people will get to be a footballer, singer, actress, millionaire or astronaut and you have to work really, really hard to make money.
Statements such as the above, especially when said to a child can actually shape our future reality. When we are repeatedly told something whether it is positive or negative we will start to believe it. For example, you are told as a child that “money doesn't grow on trees”. If you hold onto this belief you may go into adult life thinking that money is hard to come by, there’s not enough, it does not come to you easily. So these thoughts are based in lack, fear and struggle.
In accordance with the law of attraction, your reality will be a reflection of your expectations and your beliefs.
The good news is, you can change your beliefs, simply by choosing a new belief that feels better. I would encourage you to start looking at your belief system; especially in areas you may feel stuck. For example if you feel like you do not have enough money, delve into your beliefs around money. If you have difficulties in losing weight, look at your beliefs around food and how you view your body.
If you would like to change your beliefs and change your life here is an exercise you can try. Get a piece of paper (the written word is very powerful).
1. What do you want? E.g. I want to increase my monthly income
2. What is your belief about having this goal? E.g. There is a recession at the moment, everyone is struggling
3. Choose a belief you would rather have, that feels better. E.g. We live in an abundant universe, money flows to me easily
4. Find evidence of your new belief. E.g. I know people who are doing really well right now. All around me is evidence of money and abundance. Just look at all the nice cars that drive past and how busy the shops are with people spending money.
5. Now write your new unlimited belief as a statement. In the present tense such as; I am, I now or I believe.
Keep reading this statement, sit with it a while. Let it sink in to every cell in your body. Put the statement on a post-it note by your mirror, bed etc. Somewhere you will see it and read it often. As you start to change your beliefs you will start to see a reflection of this in your physical reality. The law of attraction will draw more of what you believe and expect to be true.

To your manifesting success

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Emily Hill is an Intuitive Business Coach who is passionate about bringing spirituality and business together and guiding heart-centered women to share their gifts with the world with passion, purpose and prosperity.