Taking care of everything in a wholesale business in a professional way is very important. It is next only to branding or advertising business. Marketing is no longer the job of only the marketing department but it is imperative for all employees to work for it. Communication is the integral part of marketing as it occurs whenever two individuals meet in business or personal context and exchange some sort of information. That is why, the first thing that most of the professionals probably do, is to take out a business card and hand it over to the new acquaintance.
Although, there are several things that wholesalers, suppliers, Distributors and manufacturers can do to advertise wholesale business but most of them prefer to use more convenient ways such as using Business Cards. But as the business environment is rapidly changing and most business are moving into a paperless world, but wholesale businesses have not changed the approach where most of the wholesalers are still exchanging information through paper business cards. Paper business cards are very easy to handout but these cards can tempt anyone to tear them into pieces and that is why I believe it is time you took your wholesale business to the next level with electronic business cards.
Business Cards are very important part of the business because they represent you even when you are not really there. Electronic Business Card contains the same content that is typically present on your paper business cards but you can’t just hand out electronic cards to people. There needs a system for these send these electronic cards. You can get an app on your smart phones that can store the data of electronic business cards and send it to others. Therefore, it is an exchange of information between systems or applications. Wholesalers, suppliers, distributors and manufacturers using electronic cards also usually keep paper cards to verify the contact person’s information matched from Electronic Cards to Paper Cards.
Electronic Business Card Readers are also important gadgets to save electronic business cards complete with the date and time of receiving the card. These specifications are already defined in the system which is used as a standard of communication all over the world. In some parts of the world, electronic business cards are rarely used because they do not hold the same practicality as the paper business cards. But I think the main reason for introducing this concept is to encourage working in a paperless environment and going green.
If you plan on getting an electronic business card then you must first summarise the information that is necessary to be on Electronic Business Card. It can to be the same info on your paper business card but generally, there is no rule as to what can or cannot be included. The integration of Electronic Business Cards with application needs to consider the number of user interface implications and there are a few Electronic Business Card Readers already available in the market that do more than just reading the Electronic Business Cards like BizCard Reader, IRIS Business Card Reader, Worldcard Scanner and so on.
Electronic Business cards have come out as a great revolution in wholesale business but yet we cannot completely rely on them but remember, the more ways of communication you provide, the more accessible your wholesale business is.

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William King is the director of Wholesale Distributors, wholesale business and Distributors. He has 18 years of experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping retailers, entrepreneurs and startups with their product sourcing, promotion, marketing and supply chain requirements.