A lot of great tools we inherited from famous people. If you remember President Dwight D. Eisenhower and his achievements you’ll understand what I’m talking about. He was a successful strategist and simply a very productive man. What was the reason for that? Of course, his personal technique that I’ll teach you today.
This is a 2x2 matrix, in which every quadrat is responsible for a feature for your task — to structurize them.
Features used for divisions are importance and urgency.

Urgent and important — do it
Important, but not urgent — schedule it
Urgent, but not important — delegate it
Neither urgent nor important — eliminate it

How to Use the Eisenhower Matrix Effectively?
Quadrat 1. Urgent x Important
Probably this a task with a very tough deadline, and it's pretty important at the same time. This is something you should do immediately because these tasks are the most critical not only in the present condition but at your work and success at all.
Quadrat 2.Not urgent x Important
Also important tasks, but you are not on a deadline either you don’t have it. Nevermind, you should schedule doing this assignment just because of the importancy. Create your own and comfy deadline, to have a desirable result in the future.
Quadrat 3. Urgent x Not important.
If it’s not important for you, well.. this can be important/more effective/better be done by someone else. In two words, try to delegate this ask the person who can quickly react and solve this problem, so you can do something that worth your time and also urgent (look ar the quadrat 1)
Quadrat 4. Not urgent x Not important
Eliminate these, they will not make your dream work. Try to not spend your time as much doing these things, just make sure.

Why you should use it?
It will help if you have lot of work. Very lot, I mean.
It will make your time and tasks easy to track and analyze. Then, you can adjust things to make yourself more effective and see something in your routine that maybe was worthless or time-wasting. This is an experiment that you we’ll be better if you just have a simple structure or a scheme. In this case, Eisenhower Matrix will be the best decision.
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