EFT and Spiritual Growth

Some things I've noticed over the last few years that others may find of use:

I'm not an expert in this [ still in kindergarten] and there are probably many other ways to achieve the same result.
These methods may save you some time by supplying a certain structure.

I am indebted to The Course in Miracles, David R.Hawkins,Stephen Daniels and of course Gary Craig.

A few points:

Muscle testing [kinesiology] is not a local response.
While useful for telling instantly whether something is toxic or nutritious
it has a wide application in telling truth from falsehood in all fields.
As an example when listening to a politician on TV just mute
the sound and test whether he is telling the truth,is the level of truth he's speaking above 50%,60% etc.
Does he intend to keep his promises.
Is he merely deluded or coming from a place of reality.
Useful when trying to decide whether a book,person,workshop etc is beneficial.
I usually start with "I have permission to test this" "It would serve the highest good to do that workshop etc".
This also takes care of whether we have permission to surrogate tap for someone.

A caution when testing into someone's field.If they are strongly convinced of the rightness of their position they will test as being
quite integrous which they are being even though they may be quite deluded.
Just check whether you're testing the appearance or the essence.I have some clients with a very strong mind and what they're convinced
of, will test true till I check whether it's true in essence.

When you're having trouble finding and tuning into a specific tree,emotional driver etc, underlying a condition you're tapping for, you can test
statements like...it happened before the age of 20,10 etc,someone else was involved,family member,male/female and so on.

The energy in the short circuit will be flow 1 [done to the client] flow 2 [done by the client to another] flow 3 [the client witnessed others
doing it to others] or flow 0 [it's what the client did to themselves].
Of course it's always what we do to ourselves [an inside job] but you're looking for how the intensity is being encoded.

I hope this is of some use to those who find it applicable. Others will have different ways of getting there.

Manfred Luck

Author's Bio: 

I am an EFT Practioner and have been working in the healing field for over 30 years.