Recently I’ve written a lot on the benefits of meditation. The benefits are truly vast…meditation is a wonder drug for both the mind and the body. In my opinion, it is a vital component to a healthy, vibrant, spiritually connected lifestyle. The benefits of meditation range from feeling more tranquility and inner peace through calming the mind to the ultimate benefit which is the experience of utter bliss and enlightenment.

Meditation is a tool and, like any tool, if you don’t use it properly, you won’t get the desired results. One of the most common questions I’m asked by people is how to meditate. Most people seeking higher consciousness and self awareness realize the benefits of meditation yet many struggle when it comes to technique. The first question to consider is which method to practice and then to learn how to correctly practice it. There are many techniques to consider and all have desirable benefits.

I personally practice and teach Shaktipat meditation. Shakti refers to the life force energy that creates and sustains everything in the universe. It is the energy that beats your heart and rotates the planets. Shaktipat is the transmission of this life-giving energy. It is an easy third eye meditation in which you simply close your eyes and focus your attention on the point between your eyebrows. This activates the pituitary gland inside your brain which creates a very natural and soothing relaxation response.

The lineage of Shaktipat meditation dates back over 8000 years…literally before recorded history. It is an extremely powerful energy and when you tune in to it, you are directly tapping into the source of life itself. In deep meditation, one experiences the merging of their individual consciousness with the collective consciousness and feels the oneness of all that is. It is an incredibly liberating feeling and the beauty of it is how simple it is to do. In fact, there is no doing at all. Let me explain.


The only thing needed is the desire to connect with one’s Self and an openness to receive the energy. Simply sit comfortably with your spine straight. Close your eyes and breathe in deeply. Feel the presence in and around you. Roll your eyes slightly up in your head and gaze into the point between your eyebrows (the third eye). Now just stay focused on the feeling between your eyebrows. By focusing on the feeling, the feeling naturally builds. At first you will feel more calm and peace. As the feeling increases, it is normal to feel joy and bliss. Ultimately, states of ecstasy can be reached.

Honestly, while it is easy to explain how to meditate, it is hard to put the feelings that occur into words. The best advice is to try it. For most people, it is easier to feel Shakti via a guided meditation from an experienced teacher.
The bottom line is that consistent meditation leads to a healthier mind and body. My belief is that we all have a soul that is pure and enlightened. Meditation is the ultimate tool to help purify the mind and the body to allow the light and love of your soul to shine through. If you are looking for increased health, energy, connection, peace and love in your life, Shaktipat meditation is wonderful solution.

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