With the growing demands of the new age work, it is destined to produce hundreds of tons of paper waste. From printing receipts, to reminders, memos to official record keeping, it takes a lot of paper production and printing to manage all the record and data. But what kind of adverse effects does it have on the environment and population? Having a record history of generating of paper and paperboard products upto 84.8 million tons in 2005, there was a gradual decrease in the production by the year 2015 to 68.1 million tons.

We accord this reduction to that growing trend of digitization of data. Most paper utilizing organizations like newspapers and magazines, have switched their publications into e-publications with new editions that are launched and available exclusively online. Likewise, many offices have switched their record management to electronic data management. Hence, reduced paper management and cost. Let us review a few positives regarding paper management in organizations and how can you become ‘Paperless’ using Document Management System.

What is Document Management System (DMS)?
It is referred to the use of a computer system and software that is used to help store, manage and monitor documents and images of paper,electronically. The system is managing the information by capturing it through the use of various types of document scanners.
What does a Document Management System do?
A DMS helps store and manage all your physical data electronically at one place. With the help of a DMS you can access all your data through a secure access and be able to manage it on the system. It is also a great way of archiving all your old, physical data into electronic information.
So how can you make effective use of a DMS?

You can effectively manage what documents are created and who all are authorized to manage that information
Likewise, a system can be formulated to assess duplication of document creation and also monitor the flow of versions created for the information.
With the help of an effective DMS, you have the control and ability to retrieve a wide set of information, as per your need.
Block and restrict ineffective access to data and secure your information from duplication or physical/electronically induced damage.
Have tons of historical information piled up? With the help of a DMS effectively archive large chunks of physical data with the help of various kinds of scanners.
A DMS thus provides you with an effective and technologically advanced way to store and manage all your organizational data and have the independence to manage that data, as per your requirement. The more electronic data to manage, the less the paper generation.

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