Some factors which define the success of a business entity include having a great idea, and putting the idea to practice.

One has to take care that one is possessed with the capability to wind up the task all the way through. So if one is possessed with a great idea, but does not have the capability to put the idea in action, the end outcome wouldn't be that high.

And in the same coin, if one has an expertise in putting the wheels to motion and materializing the idea, but is not possessed with the skill of coming up with a genuine idea that is sure to succeed, it just might be a tough road ahead!

In a way, it is easy to conclude that for the success of any business entity, the most important working factor is the consolidation of a host of factors, which account for the success of a business.

And the same goes not just for business at large, but also internal features of a business. In a very simple way, requisite consolidation of internal features of a business would ensure that

• The tasks can be managed easily from a single workpoint (or a sharepoint).

• Seeking information for the purpose of strategic decision making is not problematic.

• The number of hands required for a work is lesser, and a smaller team can effectively handle a task.

• Decisions can be made and executed in real time, or as and when the need arises.

• For all redundant inputs and outcomes, an automated feature can be put into place, which further makes the entire work activity more effective and productive.

Let's consider a working example from the real world.

Let's take the e-commerce industry into perspective. E-commerce companies are booming at a host of places in the world, and India is no exception. In India, the e commerce industry is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming half a decade.

This implies that there are some new e commerce startups coming up and stepping up to the challenge every month.

But as new e commerce player in the industry, if an organization is not able to organize and consolidate logistics management, handling the task could be problematic, especially as a company grows.

And with the competition being high, unless the logistics are consolidated, it might even imply that a business may eventually find it difficult to thieve.

If logistics are not duly consolidated for an ecommerce business, it could result in:-

• The organization being unsure about making sure that it is able to deliver the goods to a particular location.

• Iteratively getting in touch with a host of courier services providers, to find the one most suited for delivery.

• Corresponding delays.

• At times, a fresh startup might fail to achieve order fulfillment in totality.

• Profit margins are likely to be affected, because the brand might not be sure if it is getting the best deal in terms of the shipping charging rates, for shipping goods to a consumer location.

• In the same way, pickup of goods could be problematic, because the pickup point may be distant, which might result in long transportation of goods, something that could possibly be avoided.

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