If you desire making money online from the comfort of your own home, dropshipping could be an amazing route to take. Dropshipping allows entrepreneurs to start their own online business by selling products to buyers without having to keep the items they sell in stock themselves—instead, the items that are shipped to the customers are usually through a third party. If you have the drive and ambition in order to make this business model work, it can prove to be not only rewarding, but also extremely lucrative. But how does one get started, without prior experience or knowledge about the dropshipping business model itself?

That is where the eCom Elites dropshipping course comes into play. eCom Elites promises buyers a course designed to teach users how to start and grow a successful dropshipping business, among other valuable tips and information. If you are trying to make the plunge into the dropshipping world, signing up for eCom Elites could make all the difference in the world for you and your up-and-coming business venture.

Who Is Behind eCom Elites?

eCom Elites was started by Franklin Hatchett, a New Zealand entrepreneur who has been in the drop shipping game since 2015, but has been making money online even before that. When Hatchett started drop shipping, Shopify was still relatively new and not much was known about it, or how successful it could be in the world of online business. Once he realized just how lucrative it was, he made it his mission to educate others on how to help others realize how to work the platform and make it work for themselves.

Hatchett is also popular on the platform Youtube, where he has allowed anyone to watch his free content talking about how to get started with dropshipping, and also shows real, everyday examples of the field.

Unlike other so-called “gurus” that try to make a profit off of others by claiming that results can happen for them as well overnight, Hatchett has always been forward about the fact that being successful in this field will take time—which is why his course does not promise results overnight or is in any way considered a get rich quick scheme. Instead, eCom elites focuses on proven, real ways to launch into the drop shipping business through Shopify—even if following the given steps may take a bit longer.

What does eCom Elites Offer?

With eCom Elites, users will be provided with the tools and guidance they need to build their own Shopify store—as well as installing themes on this store, and optimizing it fully. Users will also be given vast information on how exactly to decide on the products they will be selling, and which products will prove to be the most lucrative. This includes an array of product overviews, how to find suppliers, how to price products, and how to find a specific niche.

Additionally, the course offers a load of information about how to utilize Facebook ads through teaching users how to set up their first Facebook ads, how to scale these ads effectively, and how to create ads that convert to revenue. Speaking of social media, the eCom Elites course also shows users how to utilize Instagram fully in order to convert traffic on the app to real life sales.

Email marketing is also a major factor in the eCom Elites course, and teaches how to connect your own email platform to Shopify, set up email tags, and increase email open rates. On top of all this, something unique that eCom Elites offers its users is something called “Chatbot Traffic”—which takes your store to the next level and garners loads of engagement (which means more sales).

eCom Elites also teaches its users to utilize Google Ads in order to take advantage of the low cost advertising. Additionally, the course teaches you a unique strategy of how to get a high amount of traffic onto your store right from Google. This is extremely important in order for your store to be seen by the highest amount of people possible, and bring you the most money at the end of the day.

How Much Does eCom Elites Cost?

eCom Elites, at one time, used to be very pricy—costing a whopping $497 for the standard package or $697 for the ultimate package. Nowadays, the pricing is much more reasonable. It costs new users either $197 to sign up for standard access, or $297 for the ultimate—and these are one-time fees. Considering the fact that new content is added each year for users to enjoy and the price has still not gone up in years, it is easy to say that what users are getting out of the site is well worth the price being paid. Additionally, eCom Elites also offers a 30-day money back period, where unsatisfied users can receive their money that they paid back. However, this is an action based refund policy, so those looking to get their money back will need to prove that they tried (and failed) to make it work from the content they were given.

Should You Sign Up For eCom Elites?

For those who want to get into the drop shopping online world and either don’t know how to get started, or don’t know the best ways to maximize their earnings—eCom Elites is a wonderful course to buy. Not only will eCom Elites offer you real, proven results, but you also gain access to a Facebook group that Franklin Hatchett himself writes in and answers any questions his users may have. This goes to show just how dedicated he is to making sure that those who buy his course are receiving the best, most high-quality content he can give. By joining eCom Elites, you are sure to learn the ins and outs of drop shipping through Shopify, and also maximize your earning potential exponentially. eCom Elites could be just the thing you need to succeed in this online business world, so why not give it a try to find out if it could work for you?

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