Something has happened to Tony and my relationship in the past few weeks and it has made it even better!

Could the unusual step we have taken, that is not normally associated with finding or improving intimate relationships be the very thing that will help you?

So what is it? well it's about eating!!

We made a decision 3 weeks ago that we would have more energy, feel fitter, get less tired, be there more for our family, friends and customers IF we ate healthier food. What we didn't expect was the massive impact it has had on our connection, polarity and intimacy!

Its seems like because we are in even better energy each day that it is easier to meet each others needs, easier to stay connected when challenges come up and it feels like we are more in sinc... can't explain why that is but it feels fantastic!

So my belief is that it is critical to a healthy passionate relationship!

And that applies whether you are 'in selection mode' or have been married 35 years!

So think about it... could what you eat (and drink) have a direct link to the level of passion and intimacy in your life?

We are certain it does....

So if you now want to change your eating and drinking habits and get some real passion in your life here are some questions/tips/hints from your Blog Coach....

My favourite, simplest way to decide what to eat that I heard from the fabulous Louise Hay years ago is:- "Will this Cleanse me or Clog me?"

If you feel drawn to unhealthy food (this is usually because we become addicted to it in some way) Ask yourself the question, ' What is making me eat this now? is it for comfort? is it just a habit? is it for connection? is it a treat? what need is it meeting? what could I do differently?

Tony always talks about our addiction to sugar - he says it is 'just your bugs'! yes its a fact if we eat food containing sugar (which is nearly all processed foods nowadays) we have bugs living inside us that feed off more sugar so its not you that craves it its your bugs... (nice thought!)

Final question - What would your life be like if you had more energy? What would you do differently? Who might you attract? What might come into your life that you never thought possible?
So, I wish for you the kind of relationship that we are enjoying each and every day....

If you want assistance with your eating habits or any other habits for that matter! please do contact us, Tony and I are happy to have a private chat.

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