"We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie."
- David Mamet, Boston Marriage

At a very basic perspective, food is a must for life, but in essence, eating may be seen as one of the greatest joys of our existence. Eat well, and you'd be healthy and live well!

But one has to conscious about one's diet, and the same stands true irrespective of your age or sex; there is really no way getting around it! Let's put it as, to stay healthy, we need the right kind of fuel (food), and maintenance (exercise, lifestyle and the right mental attitude!).

There are many ways in which a balanced diet and healthy eating can work wonders for our well being. A good diet would give you energy for life, while you maintain the right weight for yourself. When you eat healthy, the immunity is sure to be stronger, and if you're into sports, you'd perform better!

In particular, for seniors, the right diet would keep you dynamic and fit. Eating well helps one get over fatigue, it lets you concentrate better, it really keeps you happier and even lets one avoid certain ailments, like heart diseases, and even mature-age onset diabetes.

It is possible to express the right rules for eating as some simple ideas, generalized and the kind that would be effective for just about everyone.

One must try and make sure that consumption of fatty and fried foods - the ones rich in butter or oils, I.e saturated fats, is lesser. It's simply good for the heart!

But while one reduces consumption of saturated fats, one must have a lot of starchy carbohydrates in his diet. Rice, cereals, potatoes and pasta, they can do wonders for our everyday health and well being.

One's diet should ideally be high on fibres. Fibres, technically is the indigestible part of the food, which requires us to chew a lot, but these are actually very good for our health. Fibres in the diet ensure lower cholesterol and even help avoid gallstones. Some foods high in fibres include lentils, beans, vegetables, grain breads and brown rice.

One must always try & make sure that his diet contains a lot of vegetables, fruits and cereals, as these have a lot of vitamins and minerals, which keeps our bodies healthy and ensure better functioning. Vegetables, fruits and cereals also have a host other natural substances, such as phytochemicals, which fight off the free radicals to keep our cells & membranes healthy.

Then, a healthy diet must also have proteins, which are essential for a host of biological processes. Proteins form enzymes, they are used to make antibodies that help us fight infection, and proteins also make up the muscle tissue to keep our bodies active, strong and healthy. Dairy products, leafy green vegetable, nuts and beans are some of the best sources of protein.

While figuring out one's diet, going for variety would be a healthier choice indeed! One must go for many different cereals, vegetables and fruits, and this would ensure that if you miss out on a nutrient from one food, you find the same in another. Similarly, one must always have a diet which is moderate on sugar & sweets, low on salts, but one must drink plenty of fluids, as the same would keep the body hydrated and kidneys working efficiently.

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Harshad has been into freelance writing for some time now. Some of the topics he loves to write about are health, wellness, life & lifestyle, fitness & spirituality.