Almost everyone is aware of online scams, some are the victim and some might have just heard about it. A scammer is a person that uses different techniques to gain benefit in the form of money or something else without revealing his/her identity.

Scammers are really keeping update with the latest technology by Reading tech blogs and one of the best website to get updated tech information is Spot News 18.

They also try to read tech blogs in another language such as nerdilandia. It helps them to gain maximum knowledge about the latest trends.

Most commonly people are being scammed on online dating apps. People nowadays prefer E-friends and lovers more than the real ones. Many people fall in love with people they are talking online on online dating platforms and social media.
Scammers build their sufficient trust and after building a trust level they ask for some personal information that they can use to make money. Most of the people get into their traps easily and even send them money and all their details easily.
On the other hand, there are real and faith-full people present online. You cannot just blindly trust people and allow them to scam you and disappear. You can easily debunk scammers and differentiate between real people and catfishers.
There are different techniques you can use but the most effective and recommended one is the video validation method online. In this technique, you ask for a video proof form the other person which will show you the real image of the person on the other side. You can use this service by clicking here.

What is Video validationand how to use it?

Scammer never uses real identity and instead someone else’s picture and information or using self-generated information that doesn’t exist. This video validate request is a great way to expose them. Here is how it works:
• First, you send a request to the other person using their mobile number or email. That request contains some instructions and the person has to record a video.
• After getting the email the person needs to record a video within 24 hours by clicking on the “reply” button. The reply button redirects the person to another tab which asks the person to allow camera permission to record video.
• The person will record a short video, after recording the video will be sent to the sender’s email which will be deleted after some time. The video you will receive can help you know the realness of the person.
A scammer never uses any information or leave any clue that can get him caught by the police.
Furthermore, you will not only see the real image of the person (if he records the video) and also this request will get you the location (city/state) of the person using their IP address. Knowing the location will help you know if the other person is a liar or not. If he or she doesn’t record any video that means there is something wrong.
To use this service, all you need is to go to the Video Validate website (also known as Vv) and add your e-mail, the recipient's e-mail or mobile number and send them a request.
Above all the advantages this website offers free and unlimited request and that means you don’t have to invest or spend any money to use these features.

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