This EPS Calculator will determine that your company is in profit or loss
EPS stands for Earnings Per Share ratio is a very common term to determine the profit or loss of a company. If the EPS is positive then the company is in profit, if the EPS is negative then the company is in the loss.
EPS is the amount calculated after paying all the taxes. After the deduction of all the taxes EPS amount is normally distributed among all the stakeholders.

For example, if the EPS of a company is 100,000$, while the number of shareholders in a advisory shares company are 5, then in this case according to the EPS ratio every stakeholder will receive 20,000$.
On the other hand, if the EPS ratio is negative then every stakeholder will have to pay the negative amount in order to fulfill the gap created by the loss of the company. The simple formula to calculate EPS is.
EPS= (Net Income of the company-all the expenses)/Number of Shareholders in a company.
Using the above-mentioned formula, you can calculate any type of EPS. However, using the EPS Calculator of you can determine the EPS of your company much effectively.
You can also make use of the tool of if you have any doubts on the results
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Always make use of these tools in order to determine whether your company is in profit or loss.

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