Ideas on how to make a million dollars the smart way.

1. Branding: You not only do you need to Brand your Company but you need to Brand yourself personally. People like to buy from people they know and like. The more credibility you have as an individual the more likely people are to invest in you, buy your product, and tell other people about you. People are skeptical and you need to find a way to disarm them quickly. You and your business should be consistent in what you present to the public in everything you do – it will become your brand.

2. Strategic thinking: Section off your business day into 30 minute segments – take one topic and work on that subject for the 30 minutes. Go as deep as possible into the subject – come up with ideas, connect with people, follow up and follow through. If you take one subject at a time, it will help you to focus on what you need to do to get to solutions especially when you know you only have 30 minutes to do it in. You will find you get much more accomplished. Strategic thinking helps you come up with new ideas and innovative breakthroughs. One new idea can change your business forever.

3. Connecting: The more people you network with and talk to the more success you will have. It's all about relationship capital. Call 5-10 new prospects a day, try to connect with them and each day follow up with at least 3 of your existing relationships to solidify the relationship. Remember it's all about follow up and the follow through. People you know, know other people and it is amazing how your connections will connect you with others that will benefit you.

4. Adding Value: This is key, adding value to those you network with especially those who are more successful than you without looking for anything in return, will reap long term benefits. It's very true the saying “what goes around, comes around”. There are many ways to add value to others including introducing someone you know to someone else you know were there would a benefit to both parties. It will come back to you in spades down the road.

5. Conceptual Thinking: Every decision you make for your business or investment is crucial. Doing the same thing everyone else is doing makes you the same as everyone else. You need to be different. Disrupt your thinking, take ideas from other successful business and incorporate them into your business. Find businesses that that are successful find out what is that sets them apart and copy their ideas.

How NOT to make a million...........
1) Listen to negative people telling you can't do it
2) Allowing your fears to rule your life
3) Not controlling your time and not using the 30 minute blocks
4) Making excuses
5) Insisting that something is not possible – there's always a way
6) Not having a mentor or a coach to work through your ideas with
7) Not having an accountability partner to keep you on track
8) Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

Together we make the difference to each other's success. Make your million but help other people along the way and make this planet a better place to live.

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