Creating unique content for your business website can be an incredibly fun process, but only if you have enthusiastic writers in your team. However, if your writing team is lazy and not very enthusiastic about its job, then you may have to face the issue of duplicate content sometime soon.

Duplicate content has plagued businesses and their websites for many years. However, surprisingly, duplicating content is still a common practice, mostly because Google does not directly penalize any website or business for it.

But just because Google has no stringent penalties for content duplication doesn’t mean that you should employ the malpractice for your website. Always hire a reputed SEO company in Singapore to create unique content for your website, as content duplication has a number of bad effects that can put your business in jeopardy over time. Let’s take a closer look at some of those effects.

Disappointed Users
There are many people who claim that the ultimate goal of a website is to reach out to the target audience of a business. While that is not a completely wrong claim, it definitely leaves out the importance of actually being helpful to users once they do end up on the site. After all, content isn’t just meant to lure in people; it’s meant to be meaningful and relevant.

But imagine a situation where your website has content that has been directly copied and pasted from a competitor; a competitor that is more well-known and reputed. In such a situation, the users will be immediately put off by the blatant plagiarism, as chances are that they have visited the competitor’s website before visiting yours.

Such disappointments with your content will not be taken to very kindly by your target audience and you can be certain that such disappointed users will never return to your website again.

Decreased Traffic and Sales
This is a direct consequence of the previous point. As more and more users find out about your website’s duplicate content, the numbers of disappointed users will soar. The consequence will be quite simple, but ultimately damning for your website. You can expect your website traffic and consequently, your sales, to come crashing down.

The main reason for this sharp decline in traffic and sales isn’t really content duplication. It is something that goes deeper than that. It’s about a lack of trust that slowly seeps in and settles deep in the mind of your target audience. No trust equals no transactions.

To help users form a bond with your website, you need to hire the services of an SEO company in to serve up the content that your target audience is really looking for.

Lower Search Engine Rankings

While it’s been already mentioned that Google does not directly penalize websites for content duplication, it’s not to say that there are no penalties at all. The most significant blow for your website that Google may inflict on it is a significant lowering of your position on Google search results.

Yes, the duplicated content on your website may go unnoticed for some time. Your website may even outrank the website the content was copied from for a certain period, but ultimately, Google’s watchful eye will identify the duplicated content and the consequence will be severe.

Statistics show that most users are likely to click only the first three search engine results. So even if your website managed to secure a top three ranking for the targeted keywords based on its duplicated content, its high position won’t last long. Google will push your website down its pecking order and in all likelihood, your website will fade into oblivion.

Therefore, steer well clear of content duplication and invest in an SEO company to have unique and meaningful content across all your web pages.

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