DSquared is the result of the passion for fashion, music, and art of the twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten. Before being known to the general public, they already dressed Madonna on his tour Rodeo Girl. Since they grew up, the brand has become unavoidable and many stars swear by the sex appeal crazy emanating from DSquared.
The Caten twins felt very quickly that they were different. The youngest of an American family of nine children, they felt apart, in their bubble. They were quickly aware that the journey they would make in life, they would do together. The two brothers build their own universe, are attracted by color, music, and fashion, or rather what they perceive from their native Canada. They have fun re-cutting the clothes of their sisters and dreaming of great dressmakers.
At age 14, they decide - with their parents' consent - to fly to an environment more conducive to the emergence of their ideas and the development of their personality somewhat unusual. So they go to Toronto to study. In the minds of Dean and Dan, things are already very clear: it is the fashion that interests them and it is through it that they will express themselves. Their graduation diploma in hand, they take summer courses at the Parson School in New York.
From then on, their work focuses on sportswear, but a sportswear revisited from top to bottom, a mix of electro influence, sexy attitude and urban modernity. The boss of Ports International - who is the father of one of their friends - is seduced by their creations, and offers them to work for him on the sportswear line of the house. Dean and Dan Caten agree and for six years, with details diverted and reinterpreted judiciously, they will regenerate the moribund line they were given. They make their weapons and develop their working technique in duet.
However Ports International ended up filing for bankruptcy, and the Caten brothers must question their future. They decide then that it is time for them to set up their own label in Toronto. They have a taste for performance and transform their presentations into reality shows. They make girls dance outside the room, broadcast thousands of leaflets in the city, disguise half of their mannequins in cats ... everything looks like anything except a fashion show.
They could have stayed there or gone to New York, but they refuse to let themselves be trapped by the borders. They want to present their creations, their world on an international level and decided in 1991 to leave for Milan. For 3 years they will live difficult times: they do not speak the language, nobody trusts them, they do not find money to finance their projects ...
It is by noting that the Italian men's ready-to-wear absolutely does not satisfy them, that they decide to launch a men's line, whereas before they had done only the woman. They have little money left, and are forced to use the D system: they scroll through their friends, arrange with the sewing shops ... In 1994, DSquared² was born: D for the first letter common to their first names and "Squared²" that could be translated as "squared".
In spite of the rather cold reception that the collection receives, it is nonetheless bought. The two brothers preach the image of a man freed from the conventional diktats of fashion and offer him a colorful and underground cloakroom. For the next, the Caten manage to get financed and develop their concept. The twins are unknowingly at the forefront of this trend that will break a few years later on the men's fashion: the metrosexual.
They put forward a precious man, but virile, who takes care of his body and who are looking with interest. The Caten make their parades events in their own right, the notoriety of their show is only growing, their line of jeans arouse envy and in 2003 they sign a contract with Diesel. They then have the blessing of a master in jeans and provocative imagery. In 2003, they develop a women's collection with the motto "Fun and sexy". The show has more than one supermodel (including Naomi Campbell and Eva Herzigova ...) and is closed by a striptease by Christina Aguilera that captures the concept of the parade.
The stars then begin to take a serious interest in this explosive duo: Madonna their costume order, Lenny Kravitz the plebiscite while Karl Lagerfeld wears their jeans. DSquared² becomes the hyped brand of the fashionable sphere of fashion. And if at the time they are not yet known to the general public, select stores around the world - from New York to Tokyo - already broadcast their collections.
Their approach to American-Italian clothing, playful and ultra sexy, common to all their collections (whether for men or women), seduces and intoxicates fashionistas. Indeed, if their creations are whole and without concessions, they are in their own way, which allows them to be mixed with any other pieces of a basic wardrobe. In addition, their mantra - which can be summed up as "creating clothes that you would like to wear" - allows them to make their collections often very desirable.
The twins from Canada do not deprive themselves in their shows to make multiple nods to the North, but without ever departing from this desire to spread the image of a woman who looks from feet to feet. head every day of the week, and every month of the year. They imagine their muse casual, seductive, intelligent, carnal, sporty and concerned about his pace.
Nevertheless, they are fully aware that their fashion statement will not be unanimous, and it suits them very well. Dean says that it is necessary for all tastes and that it is normal that we can hate them since some adulate them. Their uniqueness, their trendy duo has made them one of the biggest claws in the Milanese fashion and far beyond.
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