Substance abuse in Iowa

In Iowa, despite the lowest rates in drug abuse, the state records the highest rate in alcohol addiction
Whereas the opiate and opioid drug overdoses were high in the state all the time, leads to many drug rehab centers in Iowa
The state spends almost 12% of its budget on drug prevention, treatment, and consequences
Nearly 88cent of every dollar in the state is spent on dealing with the drug-related issues and services
The people below the poverty line in the Iowa state is about 12 percent, which is known to be the leading factor for increased drug abuse
Alcohol is the main reason cited in 45percent of people in the state who were admitted for addiction treatment programs in 2017
21.2 percent of adult individuals among the lowa residents were classified as binge drinkers. The average nationwide is about 16.9%
Heavy-drinking rates in Iowa (6.9 percent) surpass the national average (6.5 percent)
The amount of people who are aged over 12 dependent or abused illicit drugs in the state is about 56,000 in the year 2013-2014. Drug abuse is also high in the state while compared to the other types of addiction.
In the decade 2003 to 2013, the death rates in Iowa due to heroin overdose grew exponentially from 1 in number to 20. By overdosing prescribed opioids the death rates have been increased significantly from number six to 86
About 10,000 young people (4.3% of adolescents)who are aged between 12 and 17 use pain relievers for nonmedical purposes between the year 2013 to 2014. While the ratio among the teens has been decreased in recent years
the alcohol dependence rate in the Iowa state was similar to the national average of 6.5 percent. From 2013 - 2014, nearly 6.2%(160,000) of adult individuals struggling with alcohol abuse in Iowa.
In 1,60,000 about 12,000(7.1%) of people who were above the age of 12 struggling with alcohol addiction, received treatment in the state in the year 2010-2014.

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Despite Iowa is mentioned as the safest state to live in the country, drug and alcohol abuse were the major reason spoils the happiness of the people who live in the state. The government of the state has much organization works for the welfare of the people to create awareness about addiction and helps the people to overcome addiction and provides periodic counseling. The state spends more on the welfare of people to overcome addiction. Addictionaide is one such platform that helps you to identify the best treatment centers nearby you.

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