Detoxification is really a mechanism of supporting what our body tries to naturally do! Just as an example, detoxification strengthens one’s immunity and puts one in a better position to fight colds and flus.

Some of the key benefits of detoxification on our bodies include:

- Boosts your energy

- Rids the body of any excess waste, and helps cleanse the liver and colon

- Helps with weight loss

- Makes the immune system stronger

- Improves skin health

- Allows one to breathe better

Our bodies do have in built detox functions to deal with toxins, but excessive toxicity in the external environment or our bodies cause these systems to be overloaded.

Present day lifestyle disorders such as irregular sleeping patterns, long travelling hours and faulty eating habits work towards magnifying the toxicity levels in the body. Some of the related problems people come across include fatigue, recurring body aches and even obesity.

Dr. FitTea enables you to get over these everyday lifestyle disorders with ease as the body detoxes itself and all systems in the body are empowered to function better.

Dr. FitTea is a fine way to allow one’s body to detox naturally. This is a 100% herbal product created after great research, and compiles the most effective Ayurvedic herbs in just the right proportion.

The Dr. FitTea Detox pack is comprised of:

- a daily pack (30 sachets) and

- a booster supplement (3 dachets)

The daily detox pack has herbs like guduchi and Triphala which rejuvenate and refresh. These make the body feel light and easy, and also safeguard one against a host of disorders which may be related with toxicity levels, such as diabetes.

The daily detox works very well for strengthening the immunity.

Similarly, you get three booster packs in 1 month course. Booster pack comprises of herbs such as Moringa, Anantmul and Punarnava.

These specifically perform functions such as countering free radicals, reducing inflammation and blood purification. These ingredients are effective for liver detox and heal musculoskeletal pains.

The Dr FitTea detox pack has been designed to work holistically on the entire body, enabling you to love your healthier & fit body!

Go for Dr. FitTea today.

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