Double jogging stroller is made with speed in mind and it can carry two children. It has several security features to help protect your children while you jog at high speed.

Standard 4 wheeled strollers are not designed for running. Sure, you can use them on smooth and flat surfaces but it'll be very dangerous to use them on other kinds of terrain.

Modern day double jogging strollers come with 3 wheel design, safety harness, hand brakes, shocks and cup holders.

Good double jogging strollers should have the following features:

1. Large Wheels

Wheels of a double jogging stroller can measure from 12 to 24 inches in diameter. Large wheels makes it capable of going through different kinds of terrain.

2. Adjustable Front Wheel With Fixed and Swivel Functionality

An adjustable front wheel design allows the front wheel to swivel so you can easily move it around for casual occasions and then lock it in place for jogs. It is an efficient design that can allow you to use your double jogging stroller on even more occasions.

3. Metal Spokes and Rims

Metal spokes and rims are durable and more practical, and will provide your child with a smooth ride.

4. Comfort and Safety

A 5 point safety harness makes sure your child is safe while you jog. The seat padding and reclined position provide comfort for your child.

5. Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers facilitate a smooth ride for your child so that they remain comfortable during both short and long jogs.

6. Storage Space

Make sure the stroller has enough storage space to carry baby essentials such as milk, diapers, wipes etc.

7. Canopy

Choose a canopy that provides UV protection so the skin of your baby won't become irritated.

8. Handbrakes

Handbrake is essential to guarantee safety of both runner and passengers. It provides better control for the runner, especially while moving downhill.

To pick a good double jogging stroller, you need to familiarize yourself with its features. Hope you found this post helpful to understand features of a good double jogging stroller.

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