Considering the drastic increase in popularity of eyelid lifts or double eyelid surgery in East Asia in general you may have heard about it but to know what it is all about, what change it brings and how it is done you need to stick with the content. 


Other than ทำตาสองชั้น surgery it is formally recognized as Eyelid lifts or Asian Blepharoplasty as well. Speaking of the stats directly so around 50% of Asians have not visible eyelid crease over the lash line in other words it is called monolids. 


However, it is said that the surgeon who developed and performed the surgery was an American military plastic surgeon named Dr. D. Ralph Millard. On the contrary, it is also believed that Japanese surgeon Mikamo was the one who developed the Blepharoplasty in the year 1896. 

Double Eyelid Surgery

It is a schedule based surgery performed on an outpatient to give the lids a visible crease appearance. Briefly, the surgery is done by removing a silver tissue that resulted in the transformation of monolid into a double eyelid along with a crease. In general, two types of surgery techniques are used depending on a particular patient’s aesthetics – known as the suture method and the open method.

With that said, the open technique is likely for people with fine thick skin or muscles, especially where the permanence of result is needed. However, the suture technique is supposed to be a less-invasive and ideal method for people with such thin skin where there are high chances of sudden eyelid folding from time to time.

What can you expect from Eyelid Surgery?

  1. With a clear upper eyelid crease, the surgery can also help in lifting sagging eyelids 
  2. Also from the newly created lid creases although it takes a little while scars disappear easily
  3. You can expect a greater platform as a result of surgery for eye shadow also you will have a broad area that helps you with comfy eyeliner application. Also, because eyelids without fine crease eyelashes do not look enough visible this surgery makes eyelashes look longer and more define.
  4. You can expect a natural-looking result from double eyelid surgery

What are the potential risks?

  1. You need to be patient as the result take time to appear 
  2. In the first week of recovery, you will experience scarring, swelling, and bruising which continue to disappear with time in a while  
  3. Also, you may experience temporary double vision or blindness but with proper remedy, it can be cured in just a day
  4. Eye dryness, itching, or other issues may occur but with medication, it can be comforted

It is better to discuss the possibility of any of the complications may occur with your surgeon so it can be sought out on time. 

When you can expect surgery results?

You can expect the surgery result after at least three weeks of the surgery done, although you need to be ready for subtle changes for months. Up until the swelling goes down you will be experiencing a little higher lid crease which settles down to its position once swelling decreases completely.

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