Clay shooting, also known as clay pigeon shooting, is an exciting sport that involves a lot of skill and precision along with safety knowledge. The shooting range at Cecil Park is one of the best places to go for this kind of thing. But there are things you should and shouldn’t do so that nobody gets hurt and everyone has fun. This article will tell you what those rules are.

Do’s of Clay Shooting

  1. Do Familiarise Yourself with Safety Rules: Make it a point to be aware of the safety rules and regulations that have been set at Cecil Park before you enter the shooting range. This includes having knowledge on how to properly handle guns, what is required in terms of emergency procedures as well as range etiquette.
  2. Do Wear Proper Safety Gear: Always protect yourself with suitable safety gear which may involve wearing ear plugs or muffs as well as eye protection against noise and debris among other possible dangers. Also think about putting on clothes that cover enough parts of your body while ensuring visibility is not compromised at any given time.
  3. Following Instruction from Range Staff: Pay close attention when being given directions by employees working within this area; always abide by them without fail. They are professionals trained in matters concerning security during shooting activities.
  4. Practising Proper Gun Handling: Treat firearms carefully all through. The muzzle should always point towards an area where it cannot cause harm while loading and unloading must only take place under strict orders from authorised personnel. Act like every weapon is loaded even if there are no bullets inside.
  5. Maintaining Awareness of Your Surroundings: Stay awake throughout your stay at the shooting range so that you do not miss anything happening near. Take into consideration other shooters present, limits set for different areas within this vicinity plus potential risks which might be posed by certain things.

Don’ts of Clay Shooting

  1. Not Handling Firearms While Under the Influence: It shouldn't be stated at all, but never handle the firearms in a drunken ab be them alcohol or drugs. The lower inhibitions and the impairment of the judgement and coordination, that can be frequently observed on the shooting range, introduce serious risks of safety problems.
  2. Do Not Point Gun at Anything That You Don’t Want to Shoot: Watch out for who or what lie in front of your gun to prevent it from going off in unpredictable angles. Always be aware of where your firearm is pointing. Even if it is unloaded, pointing it at something you do not wish to shoot is not appropriate.
  3. Don’t Cross Firing Lines or Range Boundaries: Make sure to follow all the orientation notes and range boundaries at all times. Such intrusion could result in life-threatening circumstances moreover in some respects and disrupt the shocking performances.
  4. Don’t Rush Your Shots: Accurate shooting technique comprises two parts: relax yourself and patiently take aim then slowly press the trigger completely. Challenging the time limit may miss targets and side pellets while shooting, which makes you, as well as the other shooter on the range, unsafe.
  5. Don’t Hesitate to Seek Advice: As for questions and concerns regarding guiding people to shooting targets or range safety, kindly ask the grange staff or participating shooters for assistance. An overlook at the motion of your need for the help will contribute to accidents if not actioned on time, and thus, failure to enjoy the entire experience by all players involved.

If you follow these dos and don’ts concerning the clay shooting range at Cecil Park’s range then not only will your time be safe but also rewarding and memorable too. Never forget about safety because without responsible gun handling skills there can be no respect towards other shooters on the field.

Author's Bio: 

Being a clay shooting enthusiast, the author has offered the readers with a detailed analysis of the do’s and don’ts of clay shooting range ar Cecil Park.