I was playing cards with my husband recently and it was my turn to draw a card. I needed a queen of hearts, so I decided to imagine and generate the energy of what it would feel like to draw the queen of hearts: my body softened and relaxed, my breath became smooth and easy, and a Mona Lisa smile rested on my face. I then drew my card with an attitude of gratitude for it being just the card I needed…and EUREKA! It was the queen of hearts!

This is an example of praying ‘from’ instead of praying ‘for’ what I wanted. I put myself in the vibrational energy of having, instead of wanting. The dictionary describes the word ‘wanting’ as “lacking, not existing or supplied, absent.” EFT master Carol Look said, “We don’t get what we want – we get what we vibrate.” That is the great challenge of manifesting – to BE what it is we desire.

Studies show that the most effective form of prayer is imagining and feeling the energy of what we desire as if it’s already so. Native American rainmakers don’t pray for rain, they pray rain, imagining and feeling the wet, quenching rain. My husband Tom told me that when he first came to California he walked along the ocean shore longing to see dolphins, but didn’t see any. His yearning had an energy of lack, as if he were saying, “I want it but I can’t have it.” Recognizing this, Tom decided to shift into feeling joy and gratitude for the dolphins he knew were there, and before you could say “leaping dolphins” they appeared!

The ability to BE the energy of what we desire is not always easy to do when our hardwired, habituated early programming is running the show; it has stubborn squatter’s rights and doesn’t want to budge. No matter how much we try to imagine, vibrate, and be what we desire, our unconscious programming is vibrating more strongly. That’s why it’s important to identify this sabotaging programming and bring it into the light of awareness.

I’m aware that I have programming installed from early childhood that expects something bad to happen to me, because some bad things involving illness and physical harm did happen to me when I was a child. My childhood conclusion was, “This is an unfriendly, dangerous world. I am not safe.” This belief was reflected in a recurring childhood nightmare I had in which I was terrified by a wolf that was trying to get me. I’ve been physically clenched, tensed, and braced for danger my whole life, and, like driving a car with the emergency brake on, it’s wearing and wearying. It makes sense to me that such chronic stress would suppress my immune system, letting in the big bad wolf called cancer, which I was diagnosed with 3 years ago.

Even though I’d been working on deprogramming fear and reprogramming wellbeing for many years prior to my diagnosis, (resulting in a multitude of fabulous people and events gracing my life), fear continued to be an ongoing factor for me, a dominant vibration that attracted like energy. My cancer has been a kick in the can to do even deeper work on facing and clearing my worst fears, and increasing my focus on vibrant health of body, mind and spirit. I think this is my ‘go for it’ lifetime, and I am going for it!

Towards that end, I do a ‘praying from’ practice every morning where I describe and feel my desired day as if it were already so. It usually goes something like this: “Today I feel vibrantly alive. I am grateful for all the blessings in my life. My immune system is strong and healthy. I feel safe in my universe, trusting that I am loved and guided. I know that I’m right where I’m supposed to be and I love where I am.” That energy vibrates like a tuning fork throughout my day.

Another ‘praying from’ practice I do is taking an afternoon walk everyday and saying “Yes Sets”, a series of persuasive truisms that get my mind nodding in agreement, and then I piggyback on my desired belief. For instance: “I am enjoying the sun’s warm caress. My feet gratefully kiss the ground with every step. I am filled with good feeling and good energy. I love being on this planet, in this earthsuit known as Janet. I love being in this vibrant, healthy, strong body.” And so it is.

How about you? Are you ‘wanting’ something in your life, but not having it? Are you praying ‘for’ instead of ‘from’ the energy of what you desire? Remember, “We don’t get what we want – we get what we vibrate.” What are you vibrating today? What would you like to vibrate?

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Janet Jacobsen is the author of the book Oh No, Not Another 'Growth' Opportunity! An Inspirational Cancer Journey With Humor, Heart, and Healing. If you or someone you know is coping with cancer or other life challenges you can read more of Janet's FREE, uplifting, entertaining, and informative essays, as well as 4 chapters from her book at http://enlightenink.com/.