This Personal Power series has explored some crucial distinctions. You've seen how personal power grows rather than being increased from outside. That gaining experience is a big secret of success. Just knowing about something won't change your life. The lasting benefit you gain by investing your time and energy into a new perspective is an increase in your personal power.

Your Unleashed Inner Wisdom
When you read or hear something that just speaks to you, your natural awareness awakens: Yes, of course! That's right! The power in this inner wisdom is now available to you, provided you empower yourself by giving the koan energy. A koan is a more powerful perspective, the improvement in context, see the first article in this series.

Yet explaining your new wisdom to another is difficult, because it's an inner experience rather than external knowledge. Describing the color of a red sunset to a blind person gives them an explanation, but without experiencing the feeling for themselves, how can they really know what red is? Experience includes the appreciation of its beauty and the wonder of being connected to nature that provides such marvels unasked.

Some such experiences may challenge much of what you know while others will come as no surprise. You just know they are right for you and will increase your personal power when energized. The secret of success is to invest the time and effort to internalize each one, so investigate, contemplate and record your conclusions for later use.

Don't Just Agree
Don't just agree with a unique perspective, think it through to see its validity for yourself. There are far too many bleating sheep in the world already, although many of them don't have four legs! They're believers, just part of the flock to be manipulated, either too discouraged or too lazy to think for themselves.

But there's no inner power for you in a belief because anything you just agree with has none of your energy. Until you authentically know, a belief is just someone else's opinion - even when it's true. Real understanding is what's required, not agreement.

So understand the viewpoint from which a new perspective is valid. For now, you need to abandon your current position, and have a good look at what may seem incorrect or wrong. This is only temporary, as soon as you fully understand the new position, you can return to the old.

Of course, once you see the power in a new perspective, then it makes sense to use it to your advantage.

Transcend your Old Perspective
You transcend the old and the new by integrating the two, writing it down helps overcome any outdated previous beliefs. You end up with a new truth which contains the power of both - you'll feel the surge in your personal power. So don't just ignore it. When you empower yourself by living your new truth, it will change your life.

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Food for Thought
"abandon the idea that wisdom is knowing everything ... Wisdom is often more subtle, both far simpler and exceedingly more complex. For wisdom requires ... the acknowledgement of ... senses and sensations, the minute and the mundane. Wisdom means listening to ... the whisper that can be easily lost in the busyness ... of the world."

- Jean M. Blomquist, American author and editor

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