Don't Discount Your Value
Twyla runs a training business. One of her biggest pet peeves is when potential trainees ask for a discount. But one particular trainee sent her over the edge. The trainee asked if Twyla would be willing to train five people for free if the trainee gave Twyla a free training space. First of all, just one spot in one of Twyla's trainings can cost up to $1500. Giving away five spots for a training space would be asking Twyla to giveaway $7500 for something that only costs Twyla a few hundred dollars.

When Twyla and I discussed this incident, she articulated her frustration like this, "They are basically discounting my value as a trainer." What a perfect way of putting it. To Twyla, and to many in her industry, her courses are worth $1500. To ask for what is basically a clearance rate, the trainee was saying that Twyla's training has very little value.

Twyla had no problem rejecting the trainee's offer. Twyla would rather focus her energy on people who appreciate the value of her trainings, rather than those who discount the value of what she has to offer. I would be upset, too, if someone haggled me for such an outrageous discount.

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