Still can't make a decision in your home based franchise, even after everything you have seen and read? I can understand that and in fact, indecision is one of the biggest reasons of failure. I recently wrote an article for JBS Communications...the newsletter I publish every other week and it talks about the 4 questions that I personally ask myself when making any major decision. I thought I would pass it along right help you in your decision making process for any major decision that you face.

The term “decision” is thrown around a lot. Most of us either consciously or unconsciously make 100’s if not thousands of decisions on a daily basis. From what to eat for breakfast to whether you should launch a massive ad campaign in a high profile, but pricey magazine to take your home based franchise to the next level.

The challenge that I see on a daily basis may not be so much making a decision...but rather it’s the indecision; the inability to make a decision one way or another. Let’s get clear what the definition of decision is and isn’t. It doesn’t mean you “kind of want to do something.” It means you are cutting off very other option and going for “It.” Whatever “It” is for you.

Ponder these questions for a few moments:

What is the circumstance that you need to make a decision about?

In the next 24 hours, what do you need to make a decision about? What are you not making a decision about in your life?

If you decided to make the decision, how much happier could you be?

How much better could it be for you and your life if you made the decision?

How much easier will it be for you and your family when you finally do make the decision?

Simply put, indecision is a fear of failure, a fear of making the wrong decision. Friends...there is no failure. If the decision you make doesn’t take you immediately to your goals in your home based franchise or in you life, it’s not failure, it is lessons learned to get you to where you ultimately want to be. You learn, you course correct and you take your next action step. Without these steps…you will never reach your end prize.

Sometimes making what we feel is a huge decision is a difficult and trust me…I get that. I have four questions that I ask myself on every major decision that I make for my home based franchise. When I found these four life was transformed. I no longer feel the burden of making lofty decisions. I simply answer these four questions, I write down my answers, I have faith in my answers and I then make my move.

In these questions you are looking for three yes’s and one no.

Question # 1: Is this something that I want to be, do or have?

Is this home based franchise opportunity, person, purchase…whatever “it” is; something that you want to be, something you want to do or something that you want to have?

Answer this question either yes or no. If your answer is Yes, you can now go on to question number 2. If your answer is No, then your decision has been made…move on. You don’t need to go any further and you don’t need to consider anything else with this particular decision. The decision NO has been made.

Question # 2: “Is being, doing or having this “thing” going to take me closer to my goal, my heart’s desire or my life’s purpose?”

Look at where you are standing right now, today. Will making this decision take your closer or further away from your goals?

If making this decision will take you closer to your goals...your answer is yes and you can move on to the next question. If your answer is No…again, you need to go no further. You have made the decision that being, doing or having this “thing” is not going to take you closer to where you want to be, so there is no more consideration that is needed. There is no reason to move on if this decision is not going to move you forward either professionally or personally.

Question # 3: “Is being, doing or having this “thing” going to add value to your life and consequently add value to the lives of others?”

For example when I am making the decision to enroll in an expensive course or go to a seminar for my home based franchise, I ask this question. Certainly the education that I receive is going to add value to my life and to my bottom line with my business. But not only does this decision make my life better both professionally and personally, I am able to pass along the education gained to other people. I am able to provide greater value to my team, and to my customers. I am able to provide greater value to my company and my “worth” within the company has gone up. Do you see the full circle of this question?

Another example: I am looking to purchase a car. Certainly the beautiful car is going to add great value to my life. I will be able to drive around feeling terrific about myself and I receive great joy in owning a new car. It will also add value to others because it is a safe car, I don’t need to worry about having excess miles on my car and I probably don’t have to worry about breakdowns…
Again, is your answer yes or no? If yes, you can move to the final question. If no, then you have made your decision and you can move away from lamenting about this particular decision.

Question # 4: “Is being, doing or having this “thing” going to violate rights of other people.”

What this means is are you violating other people’s choice to make their own decisions? You don’t want to take anyone’s right to choose away from them. If your answer is No, then this is the final verification that you need for your decision. You can make your decision fully and in confidence without looking back.

One final note: once you make your decision and take action on that decision, everything that you need to make your decision correct for you will start to appear in front of you, so have a watchful eye.

I hope this helps those who suffer from any type of indecision. It has helped me tremendously from the seemingly small everyday decisions to the major and expensive decisions I make both personally and professionally for my home based franchise.

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Jennifer Gilbert is the CEO of JBS Communications, LLC; a company devoted to empowering entrepreneurs around the world with marketing, sales and mindset tools to live the freedom based lives of their dreams.

While best known for her sales/marketing success and expertise, her team shares that her greatest impact is her straight-forward and unique dedication to mentoring, coaching and leadership.

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