One of the keys to building a competitive squad in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team is picking players with the right attributes and build for their position. Here we'll explore some of the most effective builds for attackers, midfielders, defenders and goalkeepers that you should target for your team.

Pacey Winger Build

High pace (90+ acceleration/sprint speed)
High agility and balance (85+)
Solid dribbling stats (80+ ball control, 85+ agility)
4 or 5 star skill moves
High stamina (80+)

Examples: Vinicius Jr, Saint-Maximin, Dembele

Pacey wingers are essential for exploiting space out wide on the counter attack. Look for players like Vinicius Jr, Saint-Maximin and Dembele who have 90+ pace and agility, 5 star skills, and high stamina.

Target Striker Build

Good height and strength (6ft+ with 80+ strength)
High finishing stat (85+)
Solid shot power and volleys (80+)
High positioning and reactions
Decent heading accuracy (70+)

Examples: Lewandowski, Kane, Lukaku

Target men like Lewandowski and Kane thrive on crosses into the box. Look for tall, strong strikers with 90+ finishing, volleys, positioning and 80+ strength/heading accuracy.

Box-to-Box Midfielder Build

Good all-round stats (80+ in key categories)
High stamina (85+)
Solid defensive stats (80+ standing/sliding tackle)
Good passing and dribbling (80+ short passing/ball control)
Decent long shots (75+ shot power)

Examples: Valverde, Tonali, Barella

Box-to-box midfielders need well-rounded abilities. Look for 80+ stamina along with good defensive skills, dribbling, passing and the ability to shoot from range.

Agile Dribbling Midfielder Build

Top agility and balance (85+)
Excellent ball control and dribbling (87+)
4 or 5 star skill moves
Good passing stats (80+ short/long passing)
Solid pace (80+ acceleration/sprint speed)

Examples: Modric, Fekir, Bernardo Silva

Midfield maestros like Modric possess superb close control and ability to beat defenders. Prioritize high agility, balance, dribbling, 5* skills and good passing.

Dominant Defensive Midfielder Build

Excellent standing/sliding tackle (85+)
Top physicality (90+ stamina, 80+ strength)
Solid defensive awareness and interceptions
Good passing range (80+ long passing)
Decent pace to track back

Examples: Kante, Casemiro, Fabinho

For CDMs, look for supreme tackling ability, physical dominance, defensive skills and the ability to quickly circulate the ball when regaining possession.

Attacking Fullback Build

Pace pace pace (90+ acceleration/sprint speed)
Good stamina (80+ for up and down wing)
Strong dribbling stats (80+ ball control, agility, balance)
Solid passing (80+) for overlaps
Decent defensive skills (70+ tackling, heading)

Examples: Davies, Theo Hernandez, Hakimi

Pace and stamina are crucial for fullbacks bombing up and down the wings. Also look for good technical ability to beat defenders in wide areas.

Big Physical Center Back Build

Good height and strength (6'2"+ with 85+ strength)
Top defending stats (85+ marking, tackling, heading)
High reactions and positioning
Solid pace (70+) and aggression
Decent passing range (70+)

Examples: Van Dijk, Marquinhos Koulibaly

For dominant CB's to overpower strikers, seek out physical specimens over 6'2" with beastly strength, defending skills and enough pace not to get burnt.

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"Sweeper Keeper" Build

Excellent speed off the line (85+ acceleration)
Top reflexes and shot stopping
Good kicking power and throwing
Decent ball control and dribbling to play out back
Solid height (6'2"+) for crosses

Examples: Alisson, Ederson, Neuer

"Sweeper keepers" charge off the line and act as an extra defender. Seek keepers with fast acceleration, reflexes, and ability to play out from the back.

Traditional "Brick Wall" Keeper Build

Huge frame (6'5"+)
Incredible reflexes (90+)
Top positioning sense
Great handling to hold onto shots
Strong kicking power to punt long

Examples: Courtois, Oblak, Donnarumma

For traditionally positioned keepers, look for giant keepers with cat-like reflexes, top handling andelite shot-stopping capabilities.

Custom Tactics to Get the Most Out of Builds

Once you acquire players with the right builds, make sure to set your Custom Tactics to maximize their strengths.

Get in Behind on pacy strikers and wingers
Target Man on physical strikers
Come Back on Defense for box-to-box mids
Stay Back While Attacking on CDMs
Overlap on attacking fullbacks
Drop Between Defenders on sweeper keepers

With the right builds and tactics, your players will perform optimally in every match.

The Importance of Chemistry Styles

Chemistry Styles further enhance players by boosting attributes that complement their builds.

Hunter on pacey wingers
Marksman on target men
Engine on box-to-box midfielders
Guardian on defensive mids
Anchor on big center backs
Glove on reflex oriented keepers

Make each player's strengths even more devastating with the ideal Chemistry boost.

Acquiring the Top Builds Through EAFC 24 Coins

To get started building your dream squad, be sure to acquire some EA FC 24 Coins. Having coins on hand means you can scoop up the most effective player builds on the transfer market when they become available or show up in packs.

Shopping for players by their attributes and ideal builds rather than

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