Why is it people believe they have to work until they are 65 before they can enter retirement? Why is it people have bought into this idea and wait sixty five years before they get out and live and do what they really want to do? Why do people think they can't retire young? Why do people think that you have to be a "wage slave" your whole life?

-people have been conditioned to think that you must wait until 65, because that is the "retirement age"
-people have been conditioned to think that you must work hard your whole life, and then when you have saved enough money then you can retire
-people have been conditioned to think that they have to do what most people in society do...after all if "everyone else" works until 65, then "who am I to think I could retire any younger?"
-we have been taught this growing up by every so called "person of experience" (family, teachers, etc)

What if you could break the mold? What if you could retire from being a "wage slave" in your 30's, 40's or 50's? There are lot's of alternatives to creating wealth in your life so that you don't have to be one of those individuals that "buy into" this concept of waiting your whole life to retire and then start living your life!

Ask yourself a simple question "Why Am I working?" Get clear on WHY you are working....Ask your closest 5 friends this question - you will be shocked at their answers.....it has become so robotic, that most people haven't even entertained the thought of why they work where they do.

-to pay the bills?
-to live the lifestyle you want?
-to make your family life better?
-everyone else does?
-what else would I do, no other known options....

So many people are working a job they hate, not earning the amount of money they want and spending more and more time away from the people they love. If you really get authentic with yourself and ask yourself what is it you really want from life, I would bet it is not going to work.

Most people work to make their family life better, spend more time with those people they love, to save for retirement so they can be financially free in their later years.....what about now? Are you one of those individuals that are working so hard to create the lifestyle, to make your family life better.....that you have lost touch with living your life now? So many people are caught up in this way of thinking that they totally miss the best years of their lives, miss their children growing up, and then wonder what happened to those years. Unfortunately most people are so busy building someone else's dream, that they never live their own.

Start challenging your present thinking! Start asking yourself better questions - Why would people spend the first 40-50 years of their adult life trading their precious time for money, building someone's dream, so they can make it "safely" to the magic age of 65 when they are told they can retire and then start enjoying life? Wow, doesn't that seem wrong? What are we here for? To miss the best years of our lives working at jobs we don't even like?

Start looking outside of your current circumstances....if you are still a wage slave, start opening your mind to other alternatives...realize you can retire at any age you want.....there are lots of solutions out there that will allow you to work less, set your own hours, increase your income and spend more time with the people you love.

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Debbie has been a successful entrepreneur since 1987, specializing in personal development, the law of attraction and creating successful businesses. She is passionate about teaching people success strategies they can apply to improve results in every area of their lives.