Is your word to be trusted? How much of the time can your promises be relied on?

Perhaps your answer depend on who you make the promise to. For many people, giving your word to another person is more important than a commitment they make to themselves. They value the way other people see them, so they prefer not to let someone else down. Yet they don't mind letting themselves down!

Let's look at the enormous value, the immense benefits you gain by keeping your word.

You gain respect when you keep your commitments, both in your own eyes and in the eyes of others. You see people complaining that others don't respect them. Yet they don't realize that respect is earned: One of the many ways to change your life is to be trustworthy and keep your commitments.

How you feel about yourself is also affected by how reliable you are. Yet your reliability is totally under your control. When you don’t keep your word, then you know you are unreliable which feels bad since it's pure self sabotage. So this secret of success adds to your self-esteem and improves the way you feel.

Creating results
You control your three modes of creation: your Thoughts, Words and Deeds (your actions). Your Word is the second of these, the second step to creation. The more powerful you make each step, the more power you have to create the results you desire.

When you don't keep a commitment, your Word grows weaker. Keeping one strengthens your Word. The more indomitable your Word, the more power you have to put into creation, and the easier it therefore becomes. The power of your Word drastically affects the quality of the results you create.

The Future
What is a commitment? It's a promise to produce a result tomorrow, rather than a focus on where you are now. A commitment that you keep today invests time and energy into a result you have chosen for the future. And a broken commitment is a choice to enjoy today at the expense of tomorrow.

But lack of effect into making tomorrow an improvement on today just ensures that it won't be any different. You end up with more of the same. The same disappointing results, the same old boring situation, the same unresolved challenges.

Keeping your commitments
It's easy to just say something, but following through is a lot tougher. Yet each broken commitment weakens the muscle which is your Word and hence weakens your ability to change your life. So only make commitments you really intend to keep.

Knowing what helps you - and what hinders you - keep a commitment is valuable. Spend sometime examining past commitments you have kept, as well as those you broke. Write down how and why you either kept or broke your word. The act of documenting these is a secret of success which results in more clarity about how you follow through on your commitments. And clarity leads to power, see article #6 in the Change My Life series.

All of which helps you keep your commitments, improve your self-respect, and increase your personal power.

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Food for Thought
"Inner commitment to your own excellence is the stuff of which miracles are made."

- Wayne Dyer, Dr. Education, American self-help author, motivational speaker, University Professor

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