Sale of adult play toys is something which is otherwise seen as a taboo, and even an idea which does not find widespread acceptance amongst people. Nevertheless, one might over time find out that most people just see these as sexual wellness products, and something which they would not associate with any of the notions of vulgarity.

If someone has it in mind to set up a company which is entirely dedicated to sale of adult playtoys, they would have to give a great degree of consideration to the sensibilities of the local audience.

In the same way, a challenge which such an idea faces is finding the right kind of niche audience who would be interested in purchasing adult play toys.

Nevertheless, it is a very commonly believed notion that when people from India are on a lookout for adult play toys, they normally make a purchase from abroad. Or they may even have to go for substandard goods from those available at e commerce stores.

There is invariably a compromise on satisfaction levels, because finding a large variety of adult play toys at a single destination could be tough. And in the same way, if one does want to go for adult play toys, it might occasionally be difficult to find the best quality of products.

Mr. Chavan had these ideas in mind when he was planning to set up And correspondingly, it took him atleast an year of research to figure out the feasibility of such a website for Indian markets.

Over the phase, Mr. Chavan came to realize that the number of people who would want to go for such a service is high, pretty much higher than one would otherwise presume.

People from India are opening up in their attitude towards adult play toys and a majority of the audience cross section is pretty much comfortable regarding the sale and use of adult play toys.

As Mr. Chavan himself said, that ‘If a couple intends to find joy in the bedroom, there is no reason why they should hold back. It’s really a no bars attached idea of fun which two mature people may want to indulge into.’

‘And if a website which sells adult play toys makes it easier for them to achieve the same, there is no reason why one must say no to such an idea. Because ultimately, one’s sexual wellness reflects in everything that one does and in one’s everyday activities as well.’ Mr. Chavan went on to add.


TwinkleKnights banks on a unique concept for selling adult play toys. A majority of products sold on the website are high tech goods, something which other websites may not be doing. And moreover, Team Twinkleknights works dedicated towards assuring that each of the products which the website sells is.

- High quality

- Complies with the safety standards, i.e. the goods are, in most cases made using a high quality liquid silicone material, which ensures quality and durability as well. Making sure that each of the goods is of a high quality is of great importance, Mr. Chavan explained, for the simple reason that they do not cause injury to a user or have any allergic reactions.

‘The hi tech sensuality playtoys that are sold on the website makes twinkleknights a unique concept, something that is entirely new to the Indian markets’, Mr. Chavan expressed. ‘It is something that is sure to further capture the amusement and fantasy of Indian audience, because while a section of the audience is middle aged, another section of the audience is young and willing to spend’ he went on to say.

‘Another notable point is that’, Mr. Chavan told our team of correspondents, ‘it is really surprising to note that nearly 70% of the consumers are women. Women are more comfortable in their attitude towards adult play toys than they have ever been, and find it perfectly alright to purchase one for personal use or for use with their partner.’


TwinkleKnights sells hi tech sensuality goods, and the hi tech sensuality refers to sale of goods which make use of technology to promote a much higher degree of sexual wellness amongst users, or even work towards resolving medical issues.

Let’s consider some examples which would explain how well twinkleknights has achieved use technology for achieving higher sexual wellness for the people.

1. ProFitMe

Pro Fit Me is a prostate massager for men. Prostate is an organ which is responsible for production of semen in men, and it is stimulated via the anterior walls of the rectum.

A prostate massage ensures a much improved overall health for men. This effectively works towards mitigating

o risk of prostate cancer
o genital pain
o symptoms of erectile dysfunction
o frequent nighttime urination
o and increases seminal fluid and circulation

2. V-tight Kegel Balls

Kegel balls are something designed to make ladies’ pelvic muscles stronger over time. In essence, it is nothing but a set of two balls attached to each other by a string.

So all one needs to do is push both the balls up the vagina, one by one and let them stay. Over time, as one does some practice with kegel balls, pelvic floor muscles are stronger, and this lets a sexual intercourse be more pleasurable, for a lady and her partner alike. This is required because after childbirth, the pelvic floor muscles might lose some of their elasticity, so the kegel balls make all the difference.

We find some websites over the internet which sells kegel balls, but twinkleknights does the stuff with a difference. Team Twinkle Knights has made use of technology to make sure that the Kegel balls work better and even quicker to let one achieve her goals for toned up pelvic muscles.

V-tight kegel balls are

o Programmed to interact with your smartphone through an app and send information by the use of Bluetooth.

o Designed to work in multiple levels of exercise. So as you get to one of the stages, the wireless signals are automatically sent to the v-tight kegel balls. So they can start with the next level of operation.

And that’s how technology is integrated with something that might otherwise be seen just as an adult play toy.

The last example that we consider exemplifies in a very typical way how technology is used to let people find even more joy in some everyday activities, and multiplies the happiness manifolds.

3. Pleasure V

Pleasure-V combines innovation of technology and age old KamaSutra techniques to deliver you an experience unmatched by any other source. It is a combination of cutting edge virtual reality on your own smartphone, which is fit into the virtual reality helmet.

Pleasure V combines Interactive VR Wristband + VR Helmet in a single package

o Interactive VR wristband is a motion sensing wristband which you wear when you masturbate.

o With the Virtual Reality helmet, you see adult images which correspondingly adjust intensity of sequence with the signals received from the VR wristband.

Over the years, has come across as a brand which makes dedicated efforts to ensure consumer satisfaction; this invariably includes addressing the queries of consumers and ensuring timely delivery of goods. And luckily, as Mr. Chavan expresses, the benefits too have started coming. The brand now ships goods to all places in the world.


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