A lot of people ask me if they need to use specialist email marketing software to send their marketing emails. I understand the appeal of saving money where you can, sending marketing emails from outlook or from their webmail service. I have heard people argue that email marketing is just sending people emails, outlook sends emails so why should I pay for email marketing software? You could say that about most things really, what is the point in a car when you can just walk?

Here are three great reasons why you should use proper email marketing software:

Lists can be managed automatically. This becomes more important the bigger your list is. The software will do it all when people unsubscribe or add themselves to your list, dead email addresses arent a problem either as they will be automatically removed.

Auto emailing is another great feature, for example a welcome message when someone joins your list.

Proper reporting and tracking of email marketing activity. This can be anything from what links recipients are clicking on to how many people unsubscribed after receiving your email. If you want to learn from experience and get even better results next time this is the sort of thing you need to know.

You will also be able to get help and advice from an email marketing company, in addition to the great benefits we have discussed. Tools that let you help your email dodge spam filters and actually make it to your readers, that you can use to customise emails for each recipient (i.e. adding their name) and of course to make sure that your emails adhere to any local marketing regulations.

Of course it isnt just about the tools, as email marketing experts you will be able to call upon advice and help on getting the best results from email marketing.

So will you be using your webmail for email marketing in future? Well, do you still travel in a horse drawn carriage? Or have you subscribed to the benefits of the internal combustion engine?!

As with any story there are of course two sides. It is great to have the tools and support, but you have to make use of them if you are going to experience the benefits. Any marketer can tell you how much the reporting tools will benefit them. If you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results. That is why it is so important to learn from each email you send. Are open rates lower than you hoped for? If you send the exact same email out with a different subject line what happens? Compare the open rates, did they go up or down. Customers vote with their feet and they will unsubscribe if they dont like your emails or your offers. Use the information to tailor your offering.

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Sarah Haines enjoys writing articles on a variety of topics, including email marketing.

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