People often wonder what the secret to beauty is. And why is it a mystery that intrigues the beholder?

Why some are lucky while others are not?

Is there any truth in the quote that beauty lies in the eyes of beholder?

Or does beauty exists, and everyone sees stuff the same way.

One could really never find out, because some people are favored by some while others are favored by others.

And what works well for an individual might not work well for someone else.

Now how can we generalize the entire story?

It is often believed that someone who relates more with the masses is beautiful, in very generic terms.

Then, one must take pains to look good. Some basics have never changed.

Nice and glowing skin withholds within itself the secret of beauty, and so does shining hair.

This works both, for men and women.

When the skin is healthy, one looks young.

A skin care routine would do the trick. So one comes across as someone easy to come across, easy to speak to and make a conversation.

That's really because with a glowing skin, one comes across as a happier individual. This promotes vibes of happiness in the entire environment.

If a simple face wash does the trick, it is surely worth the investment.

And if one requires a more specified skin care routine, it is definitely worth the investment as well, because over time, as one's skin improves in an overall manner, one would recognize that what a great investment it was!

Similarly, if one has shiny hair, it makes one look all the more better.

Hair can be magical, they should always be clean, and still, some people withhold magic purely by the virtue of their hair while others don't.

But, there are secrets to be shared!

A regular routine for keeping your hair healthy is surely gonna take you far, and similarly, one might consider using cosmetics which restore the original sheen to your hair.

This becomes very important as hair could be subjected to pollution in everyday life, so a healthful diet would also work wonders for healthier hair, just like it works for a healthier skin.

And what's more, if one's hair and skin are healthier, one is always in a position to tackle something like an acne outbreak or dry skin or hair more easily.

Why not consider going for a moisturizer for skin, or a conditioner for hair.

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Harshad has been into freelance writing for some time now. Some of the topics he loves to write about are health, wellness, life & lifestyle, fitness & spirituality.