You never know when disaster can strike you, whether in the form of an unanticipated medical condition or in the form of some serious injury. However, when disaster strikes, you have to stay prepared. In case the critical injury prevents you from going to work for more than a year, you’ll require financial benefits that can help you through the odd times.

One of the best ways in which you can provide finances for yourself is by applying for Social Security disability. It is sad enough to note that 80% of most claims are denied initially. If you’ve been denied Social Security claim, you would need Pekas Smit: Arizona Disability Attorneys to help you out. Here are a few ways they can boost your chances of winning a case.

  • Handling disability insurance policies can get complicated

A disability lawyer can help you in completing the complicated claim forms, making sure your claim is not denied due to missed documents or incomplete details. There are many insurance companies that might take undue advantage of the complicated process of claims. This is when a disability attorney can come to your rescue by making you understand all the requirements.

  • Independent medical exams which are often ‘biased’

After you submit the claim, you might be asked to undergo a medical examination. Since the health examiner is chosen and paid by the insurance company, they are often biased. Insurance firms utilize these exam results as a means of denying your disability claim. Hence, you might need the help of an attorney who can protect your rights.

  • Lets you abide by the deadlines

During the filing of a Social Security disability claim, missing a single deadline can automatically lead to denial of the claim. Disability attorneys are the ones who understand the meaning and significance of these deadlines and so they are the ones who can work to submit the application before the deadline.

  • Works with the Social Security Office or the DDS Examiner

If you’re alone fighting for your disability claim, you may find it intimidating to get in touch with a Social Security office or attend a hearing. Such details can be properly taken care of by an attorney. Your lawyer will know what exactly to say in order to make your case more solid. He can be a powerful voice on your behalf. There are times when innocuous statements and vital bits of evidence make a final difference.

  • Handling the legal fees

Disability attorneys usually handle disability cases on a contingency fee basis and they might charge you till 40% of your previous benefits. When your attorney opts for the contingency fee arrangement, you won’t owe anything unless you win the case. Nevertheless, it is always better to ask the attorney whether you will be charged the litigation costs.

So, if you are confused about your disability attorney case, you should keep in mind all the points mentioned above. An attorney will always try to increase your chances of winning the disability claim.

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