It certainly could! That piece is totally up to you. With spring dancing around and teasing us with its hint of warmer weather, green grass and flowers, there are many opportunities at hand.

Many of you have been cocooning in your warm house with the fireplace going which is fine and wonderful and I love that too! But then spring comes closer, being able to go outside without the boots, coat, hat and gloves makes it seems so much easier doesn't it?

So, is it your time to stop hibernating and get out? Go to networking events, maybe do some speaking, basically just be 'seen'! It's to be 'seen' that lets people know that you and your business even exist.

Being 'seen' on-line is just not the same as in person.

Even getting out for fun things like tennis or golf or even walking the dogs, does get you out in and around more people. Have your 30 second commercial ready and some business cards.

I see the change of seasons as opportunities. It's a time to take a look forward of what is ahead for you and your business. You really can't separate the two. At least to me, they wrap around each other. We create a life for ourselves after 50, with hopefully less obligations to others. This can really be 'your' life now.

I have had a solo business for almost 30 years. I worked a lot of it around my girls as they grew up. Now they are grown and I can still wrap my business around my life, with more time doing what I like to do. And with spring here, or so says the calendar, it's time. There is something else I am realizing about spring approaching. It's a chance to get ready for summer!

My business generally slows down in the summer months, out of choice. So, this season gives me a chance to decide what other programs I will put together for fall, including another live retreat.

Since, you and I will be out more, it's a great time to let people know what it IS you are doing. You can promote all you want knowing it's all in the works and will be ready when you are.

Look at it as a spring board, wonderful preparatory time! You might offer smaller programs or events. Use your imagination. Look at what others are doing.

View this as a time of new beginnings, new opportunities and a time to get yourself out into the world, physically and be ready to shine.

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