I’m often asked “Dr. Alman, tell us about your weight loss program?”

Basically it’s a carefully designed program of education and counseling that provides people with all the guidance they need to lose weight and keep it off.

Research shows that 95 percent of the people who lose weight gain it back within six months or less. It’s primarily mental – not physical or genetic. Most people fail to deal with the root causes of their weight problem.

Then they don’t receive the support and guidance they need, to build and maintain a new understanding and belief about themselves. They simply revert to back to their old habits.

We’ve figured out how to overcome this by giving people the key insights and motivation they need day after day. My program is delivered in small, bite-size chunks. These bite-sized pieces are both stimulating and enjoyable.

Each seven to ten minute session is an energy packed dose of just the right information and guidance so that you can do the right things to succeed with your weight loss goals.

Because the secret is to stay with it so that you learn to make the right decisions, and develop habits that naturally and easily keep the weight from coming back.

Here are some of the exercises you’ll do to lose weight and keep it off.
If you get stuck, in the moment, today or ever; please remember to do 3 things…
(Hint: This will re-connect you to your own inner true sage / unconditional love and guidance)

1. Focus on your breathing for a minute. Accept your breathing as it is in the moment. This is an exact method. There is no way you can do this wrong and there is nothing you need to right. This allows you to unconditionally love your breathing, accepting it as it is. Your breathing is the bridge between your innermost self (your awareness) and your outermost self (your body).

2. Repeat your breathing for 1 to 100 breaths. Say your own name to yourself silently on your exhales only. That’s right; just your name and say it to yourself. It’s okay to play around with repeating your first name. You can also say your first and middle name or your whole name. It’s totally up to you. Another bridge to unconditional love is allowing yourself to positively be playful. Do it your way by experimenting and figuring out what works best for you, too.

3. Repeat this exercise for 1 to 100 breaths. Your goal here is to relax and that is “Unconditional Love”. Say this to yourself, not out loud on the inhales only. That’s right, keep saying right now, in this very moment and anytime you ever need it. Keep saying “Unconditional Love” on the inhales and continue saying your own name, to yourself, on your exhales.

Got it? If yes, LOVE IT! Feel your inner strength and power. If no, re-read steps 1, 2 and 3 above. If not yet, visit me at www.keepitoffforlife.com and get a 5 minute lesson that is my a gift to you.

Best wishes,

Dr. Brian Alman
To get a FREE SAMPLE, or try my program for 7 days, please visit www.keepitoffforlife.info

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Dr. Brian Alman is the creator of Keep It off For Life. A guaranteed program designed to beat obesity once and for all. Dr. Alman is a renowned psychologist, noted author and personal coach. Get your Free 10 part report the Secret Techniques of Fulfilled People at www.keepitoffforlife.info

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