Once we understand ourselves, the rest of living falls in line.
What a great line, and makes me ask the question- Do you know you?
At first, the initial answer is likely “yes, of course I do”. Funny, way back when, I would have and did react the same way.
The biggest turning point in my life occurred when I finally realized I did not know myself very well. I knew things about me of course, but really couldn’t define who I was as a person. It was a sad state of affairs for a 46 year old, and in working with others as much as I have, I know a great many do not know who they really are. Could you be one of them?
At my turning point I had “issues”, fairly serious ones. My second marriage was ending, relationships with my kids were strained, I had pushed many who cared about me away, I was increasingly using mood altering substances and actions to escape and the people I was spending a lot of my time with had very little in common with me. We shared bad habits and a sense of loneliness. There were others.
From a material standpoint, I had not lost everything……yet!
I certainly didn’t understand myself and life was heading a direction my insides told me was all wrong.
The turning point was working with a pro who took me through a very tough exercise that resulted in me knowing me and understanding how life got so far off track. And the derailment had a start point over 40 years prior. What a wonderful feeling, knowing and understanding myself for the first time in my adult life!!
It would be easy to say that from that point forward life fell in line, but it wasn’t that easy. Based on what I had learned, and with guidance, I began hard work to address issues that were destroying me. Without the understanding I had gained, it would have been impossible for the positive actions to begin. It was a real life positive watershed for me.
I can honestly say I have not looked back.
Through a daily maintenance program I have stayed in touch with my self. I need to know who I am and understand that continuously and to do so has been learned behavior made much easier with practice over time. To live a life that gives me a measure of self-respect, hope, serenity and inner peace requires a focus on whom and what I am.
Can you relate to where I’ve been? I’d welcome your comments and invite you to get in touch directly if this has sparked some discomfort in you, and you want new hope in your life!

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