Have YOU Got Personal Strength?(God Thing)

I ask this question for a reason. I am very interested in hearing honest and open answers from other. I am particularly interested in hearing from those who can respond without giving away a particular religious bias.
For many years I have known that strength to change and to do the right thing consistently came from a source other than me. My inconsistencies in life had proven to me although I may be blessed with reasonable intellect, I was not given the power to control people, places and things; try as I might.
Through a conversation with a deeply spiritual person (at a point where I was at a low), I was reminded that there was a power greater than me that could and would help if sought, all I had to do was be conscious of it, to connect. This source could restore Good Orderly Direction to my life.
Something inside registered, and from that point on, my life changed. I was not alone in running the show; I was reconnected to a source of help/strength. I’ve never tried to call it anything, life experience has proved to me that it’s real and works if I stay out of the way. I was given a “gift” that day that gave me great personal strength and things like hope, serenity, fitful sleep, renewed self-esteem and confidence, answers “out of the blue” to things I found baffling, an ability to love and give unselfishly, humility, and I could go on. The amazing thing to me is that was there right along, I just needed help to find it and recognize it.
Shortly there after, I was reacquainted with a great piece of prose-“Footprints in the Sand” -that helped me to understand what had happened. For those not familiar, click www.llerrah.com/footprints.htm and enjoy!
I certainly will never be called religious. I do not knock anyones beliefs or religion as long as they get benefit from them. I do however hate to see others push their own beliefs on people as the only way to connect with “Good Orderly Direction”.Each of us must find a source of personal strength that is meaningful to us.
For me, without finding this source, my life lacked real purposeand true happiness.
Recently, after working with a client and helping him in his own search for a power greater than himself, he felt that he could draw strength from “Simple Logic”, a logic that was spoken to him by a quiet voice deep within him. From there he has started to develop a spiritual path in his life. For all, once started, it evolves!
Funny, I posted a blog about this discovery that helped this individual with the hope it may help some who were struggling.
On one of my favourite sites, this topic digressed into a religious right and wrong very heated argument, name calling and I’m more righteous than you type thing. Reminds me why I left a particular religion, and why I have no compulsion to join one currently. I do know that this is the type of thing that makes it so tough for those seeking but scarred, truly skeptical, to find their own source of personal stregth!
I am truly intersted in learning where others draw their personal stregth from, and I hope you will share. It may well help others and it will broaden my horizons!

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