You always have a choice, they say. And they are right, you do have a choice, always! But not the one you think you have.

Some people look at their possible responses, asking themselves how to react in the situation; should they do this, or that, or the other? Do you ever wonder how it will change your life?

Yet some call this a life of Illusion. And in some ways it is, since the decisions you seem to make are part of the Illusion. This is rather a bold statement, so I'll type real slow to explain.

You Do what You Think is Right
You do what seems to be right most of the time, this determines the decisions you make. Which means your decisions are pre-determined by what you think is right.

What you think is right is controlled by the beliefs you've adopted so far, which are relatively unchangeable. This implies the way you think doesn't vary much, and so your decisions also don't vary that much.

Your decisions don't change because they're actually governed by your beliefs, whether self sabotage or not. Which means your decision points are not actually where you have a choice, they are indeed part of the Illusion.

So do you have a choice in life? And if so what is it? Yes, you do indeed - but it's neither what nor where you think it is!

The Real Choice
Have the wisdom to see your real choice is in choosing what to be! Each time, you first decide whether to be positive, or negative, before you make your decision of what to do. Your choice of what to be comes before you decide what to do.

Your self sabotage mechanism will often try and hide this choice from you, but you always have a choice of what to be.

A choice to be negative leads away from Peace, Love, Calm, and Joy long-term. You will know this inside, check your vibe. A negative choice will bring you less peace, and less joy. It cannot bring you more, because the result of a idea is never separate from its source - which here is negative!

A choice to be positive will lead you towards Peace, Love, Calm, and Joy long-term. You will also know this inside, you have a feeling, a vibe about it. So how to change your life in any circumstances is to choose to be positive. Don't choose what will give you less!

This seems so simple, but simple does not mean easy. Have fun discovering how to overcome your self sabotage.

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Food for Thought
"Our heart of hearts .. is, by definition, the one place where we cannot fool ourselves. It is the place where none of our justifications, none of our rationalisations penetrate .. the truth (is) there. .. the message sent by the heart of hearts is a pure, basic feeling .. look for and trust the first flash of feeling. Feelings may well provide the truer counsel.”

- Robert B. Cialdini, psychologist, author, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing

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