The problems that an electrical failure can cause in your business are countless: loss of sales, damaged products due to lack of refrigeration/freezing, food risks due to cold chain breaks, inability to carry out your activity, and of course the dreaded risks of a fire due to an electrical problem.

Hire a professional electrician

In almost any type of business, it will be necessary at one time or another to hire the services of an electrician.

The electrician is not only in charge of putting the cables and plugs, but a good electrician is also able to tell you what the required electrical power is, and even advise you on lighting, new products and what are the best solutions in the electrical area for your deal. Of course, it goes without saying that a good electrician will try to make your electrical installation safe for everyone.

It is important to hire a good professional, whether we are looking for a new installation or when we want to modify or renew the existing electrical installation.

Some of the keys are:

Check credentials. An electrician must be licensed. Although many people are capable of doing electrical “bots”, this is by no means recommended.

Check you have insurance: An electrician must have liability insurance so that you are covered if they or anyone else is injured during or as a result of their work, or if property or fixtures are damaged.

Compare prices: Get multiple quotes for the work you want to do. Make sure the estimates are detailed and complete so that you know exactly what you are being billed for and how much the finished work is going to cost you.
Should price be a deciding factor? We all have limited budgets, but electrical installation is one of those costs in which not everything should be the price, you prefer quality.

Check references. If you ask your electricity service providers for references, be sure to verify them, although of course, they will not give you the name of a company with which they have not turned out well.

Ask for a guarantee: Get a Guarantee for the Job. For larger electrical work, you should hire an electrician who offers a warranty with their services. This should be a formal, written document that clearly states the steps you will take to remedy any failure that arises within a specified time frame.

Other considerations

Most likely you are not an electrical expert and hence it is so important to know that you are hiring a trusted electrician and hire the services of an electrician this confidence can only be given to you by references, their own experience if it is not the first time you hire them and the professionalism they transmit to you when presenting their budget or when they inform you of the progress of the project.

Hiring a well-trained and experienced electrician can give you a lot of peace of mind, and some signs that may indicate that they are a good professional are:

You must be clear on your budget. This implies that they describe in detail the tasks to be carried out and if equipment/accessories are to be installed.

Must work clean and orderly. If when you see him work you get the impression that he does not have a system, that he is leaving things unfinished to go faster with the premise that he will finish everything at the same time, you must be more cautious. This type of work requires being very methodical, no last-minute “fixes”.

They should not be reluctant to talk to you about your needs, their proposals and above all explain the work carried out, with its limitations.

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