Ageing comes with many challenges that include difficulty in moving, walking, and climbing up the stairs. If you are looking for a stairlift but cannot make up your mind, then you are here at the right place. We know that stairs can become a huge problem, especially as we age. This is why we are on a constant search for the right solution. Loads of online markets and local companies offer the best stairlifts. However, you won’t have to necessarily break the bank for benefitting from one of these. Ever considered buying a second hand stair lift? It will help you as much and provide the best solution to the stairs problem.

Read on to learn more on when to consider to buy a stairlift.

Is it necessary?

The stairlift is specifically designed for those who cannot get up and down the stairs. Typically, as we age, we develop joint problems. You may find that you can walk, but you might be facing trouble getting upstairs or downstairs. A hip fracture or arthritis can be extremely painful. Such ailments can impact the moving ability of the affected person. This typically leaves the affected person in a constant state of vulnerability.

There are a few recommended therapy sessions that can help with mobility, such as walk-in showers. Such therapies can reduce the pressure and pain in joints. Nonetheless, how does one know that it is the right time to get a stairlift. Since it can become difficult to determine whether investing in a stairlift will improve one’s lifestyle.

Conduct a Test

One of the best and most reliable ways to determine whether you need a stairlift or not is by visiting your therapist. Your doctor will conduct a thorough check-up and run certain physical tests. The skills and expertise of the physicist will help in determining the extent of your reduced moving ability. It is important to note here that not all old people need stairlifts. Sometimes, a medical condition or accident can cause one to require a stairlift as well.

While choosing the best option of the chairlift, you might want to include the joystick feature since this is easier to use and manoeuvre. This is specifically useful if you are suffering from the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis where the slightest movements can cause excruciating pain. That’s being said, a stairlift will bring you ease and comfort by reducing the pressure on your joints as you move around your house.

You might be familiar with the test of “Time Up and Go”. This test requires the affected person to get up from their chair, walk a certain distance (no more than 3 meters), and return to sit down on the chair. People with normal mobility don’t require more than 10 seconds. If they experience some sort of struggle, ranging from 11 to 20 seconds, they might need a stairlift. For those, taking above 20 minutes, the use of stairlift is highly suggested. It is recommended to consult your doctor before getting a stairlift.

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