If you do not have an immediate answer to the question asked in the topic, then you are fortunate to be reading this post. We will discuss some of the features that may be doing your business to lose money from sales because of your poor web design which needs to be upgraded. The impact of better web design on your business will be outstanding. Let’s discuss some of the features that should help you decide if your site needs to be reviewed and improved.

What is the SERP for your site?

Your web pages should occupy the top positions on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) to get more traffic and increase sales. If your web page is not appearing on the first page, there is a need for a review to improve the SEO and other features that will make your pages more visible online.

Why is your conversion rate not improving? The reasons could be any of the following:

Poor customer experience

If your visitors have a poor experience when they visit your sites such as slow loading of pages and poor resolution of the pictures, they will hardly return. The bounce rate for your site will also be high, and your SERP will drop. A good way to increase the time it takes a page to load is by reducing the size of your files. Invest in a better hosting service to improve the user experience.

Encourage customers to make purchases

According to Chris Jordan you can start a content marketing campaign to provide information to your audience that will make them feel more confident to use your services. Content marketing covers a wide scope; you can educate advice and inform your audience. In a short time, you will be regarded as an authoritative voice in your field, thus encouraging more consultation and patronage.

The need for a mobile responsive website

Of your site has not been optimized for the mobile view you may be losing a lot of income. You can improve your site to enable your audience to view your web pages with their mobile phone devices. The popular search engines commonly used by your target audience such as Google also rank mobile-friendly sites higher to make them more visible online. This is an added advantage for your brand online.

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