This edition of The Love Post is part of a series. We’ll be reviewing Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Success and how they relate to creating a life that you absolutely Love. The first principle is covered in Love on Purpose.

Today we will discuss The Mastermind Alliance.

"Only through the cooperation of others will you find success.
More than a team or partnership, a mastermind alliance is a group of two or more people who combine their experience, specialized knowledge and ideas to reach a shared goal exponentially faster and with greater results than acting alone." ~Napoleon Hill

A Love Mastermind

Because I believe that Love and success come hand in hand, it’s worth considering how the principles of success apply to designing a life you Love.

Just like Napoleon says, you can reach your goals faster and with greater results by forming a mastermind alliance.

This means that you must find a person (or people) that share your vision of success.

If you are focused on discovering your true purpose and sharing your unique gifts with the world, you want to surround yourself with others who are committed to doing the same thing.

Join a community like A More Loving World to meet other like-minded individuals.

Get inspired about living to your full potential and having a positive impact on society.

In today’s modern world, we have a huge advantage of being able to connect with people around the globe who may help us reach our goals. Your perfect Mastermind partners could be strangers to you at the moment! Make the effort to find them.

As soon as possible, forge a pact with someone (or several people) that you communicate with regularly. Agree to work together to see your dreams come true.

Ideally, your significant other shares a common goal of creating a beautiful future together. Use this bond as a foundation to actively build upon your desires.

If your partner isn’t a fit for some reason, reach out to a friend or colleague who will journey beside you as you pursue your most fun, free and fulfilling lifestyle.

In a Mastermind Alliance you...

♥ Talk about exactly what you want to achieve. Decide how you’re going to accomplish these specific objectives. Discuss what you can each bring to the table to make it happen.

♥ Chart a course to your ideal life by planning and scheduling important activities into the coming days, weeks and months.

♥ Support each other in doing small and big tasks alike. Hold each other accountable by checking in frequently on your progress.

Create a Love Mastermind by making Love a top priority in your co-creation.

Decide to use the virtues of Love to take care of yourselves and each other with every step you take.

Agree that you’ll all do your best. Together, you will do more than you could ever do alone!

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