Steam sauna bath has a lot of benefits to the human health on the whole. Ages ago, our ancestors have understood the benefits of steam bath. We get to know from ancient literature that steam sauna was derived from Finland or Turkey. Usually we think of a sauna as a steam bath. Actually, it is a construction made out of wood that has dry air inside. It is used in temperature that is above 80 degrees Celsius. Humidity will be low around 5 to 20 percent only. The sauna room can be humidified by pouring a little water on the hot rocks placed on the sauna stove. This produces more amount of steam.

Steam sauna actually began during the Ancient Greek times people of Greece were great fans of steam bath. Romans then made this concept into sudatorium. Soon, steam sauna spread far and wide to most of the European countries such as Russia. In Russia, it is popular as Banjan. Today, technology has given sauna a new form. Steam production is possible very easily with the latest technology. The health benefits of steam sauna are many:

Relaxes muscles- People experiencing stiffness of muscles or feel very much tired after the day to day work need to try sauna bath, for relaxing the muscles of the body. The muscles of the body will loosen as a result of the warm temperature of the sauna steam. This will make the person more relaxed. The lactic acid inside the body will be eliminated when the body experiences warm temperature. Lactic acid, which is a metabolic waste is the main reason for causing stiffness of the muscles or pain in the muscles.

Stress relief- You can be relieved of stress and also from depression while taking steam sauna. The moisture and the warm temperature help the body to relax a lot. The hormone Endorphin is released as a result of the warm temperature that the body gets in touch with. Endorphin is popular as the ‘happy hormone’. In short, it gives happiness and releases stress which is very much harmful for human body as well as mind.

Helps in preventing flu and cold- Undergoing steam sauna on a regular basis will help to improve the immune system of the body. The body when experiencing a warm temperature for a long time will be able to destroy the microorganisms that entered the body. This helps in preventing the body from being affected from flu and cold.

Improves the functions of the kidney- Getting rid of the body toxins is easy when you get a steam sauna. It actually purifies the blood right before it enters the kidney. This makes it easy for the kidney. Thus, steam sauna helps kidney from developing gallstone disorders.

Other benefits of Steam Sauna
Sauna health benefits are various. Taking a steam sauna will help you to maintain a healthy skin, lower the pressure of the blood, improves sleep disorders, purify blood inside the body, assists in weight loss, boosts up the immune system, relieves you of the pain of the body, helps in fighting inflammation as well as infection and more.
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