Do Only What Works
To achieve the results you want, you need to do what works and not to do what doesn't work. And it's your job to ascertain which is which! Once you know the difference you'll be more effective in achieving your goals.

When you have experience in a field, it's natural to want to share your secret of success with others. Yet many people find an idea that seems plausible, and then prematurely try to persuade others to follow it. But without empirical know-how, how can they know that it does work? They ignore the vast difference between just knowing about something and genuine hands-on experience.

Do they Have the Experience?
Experience gives credibility. When you listen to a sports commentator, the difference is clear. Those who have played the game extensively have the ring of authenticity when they say: "He's now digging deep!" You'll change your life by following those with experience and ignoring those who only know about, but pretend they really know instead.

Are they Telling you What To Do?
Many people will tell you to do what they do, ignoring the fact that their context is always different to yours. So beware of encouraging others to follow you.

But how do you help someone to become more effective without telling them what to do? Simple, the secret of success is to extend the Do What Works strategy:

  1. Do what works for you to achieve whatever you seek to be, do, or have.
  2. Do NOT do what doesn't work to get you there.
  3. Encourage others to do what works for them to achieve whatever they seek.
  4. Encourage others to stop doing what doesn't work to get them there.

Then you're doing what these articles do, you're suggesting that others look at their results, and do only what experience tells them does work. This works for everyone. Once you have gained the necessary know-how, passing it on is beneficial.

This strategy is outstandingly effective, it gives everyone whatever they seek to be, do, or have. Then everyone will know how to get where they want to be, which if followed would get the world out of its current dismal state! Since this secret of success makes so much sense, I do all four. How about you?

Are You Convinced this Strategy Works?
The more aware you become, the clearer your intuition on whether something will work for you. So why would you ignore your inner truth? If you're not aware that your inner voice knows your truth, then previous articles Change my Life #6 and #7 can help you to increase your awareness.

If you do know your inner truth is your truth, then listen to it. Are you instead following your self sabotage mechanism which hijacks your mind to give you ostensibly persuasive thoughts that it knows better?

Simply follow your inner voice - which can be remarkably difficult. Your inner truth is pretty reliable in knowing what doesn't work for you, and what does.

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Food for Thought
"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem!"

- Eldridge Cleaver, 1935-1998, US activist

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