Research shows that hearing loss, although not life threatening in itself, can be a symptom of bigger neural ailments such as dementia, sensory deprivation, depression, brain atrophy and more. Thus, it is imperative to consult a specialist at the first sigh of hearing problems to help detect any underlying issues early on.

Opting to wear hearing aids to correct your defective hearing is a brave step indeed. Although wearing a hearing device might take some time getting used to, it ensures that your hearing is not hampered, thus enabling you to carry out your everyday life without any hindrance. But do you really have to wear those pesky hearing aids “all the time”?

Why you should wear hearing aids throughout the day

The human ears are designed to pick up sound signals and transmit them to the brain, which then processes the signals, and makes sense of them to respond accordingly. When experiencing hearing loss, your ears might not be able to pick up those sounds accurately enough. The incoming sound may be distorted or muted, thus reducing optimal stimulations to the brain. When you wear the right kind of hearing aids, the sounds around you will be amplified and fed directly into your ears, which will assure adequate stimulation, thus enabling your brain to process sounds effectively.

Re-adjust your hearing levels

When you wear hearing aids for the first time, you might feel that everything around you is louder than necessary; especially if you have been experiencing hearing loss for a while. This is because, when you have a hearing problem, the brain automatically tries to make up for the lack of sensory response from the ears by responding to even the smallest of sounds you hear. When the volume levels are back to normal, it takes your brain some time to adjust to this new change. Wearing your hearing aid throughout the day will help fine tune your brain’s response to the sounds effectively. It takes time and patience for your brain to rewire itself to respond to sounds normally.

Don’t miss out on anything!

Hearing is a primary sense that every animal on this planet has. It is the only way humans experience the wonderful sounds around them. Hearing is not just limited to enjoying a bird’s chirping in the morning or listening to wonderful music, hearing also allows you to stay weary of dangers- such as loud explosions, safety alarms etc. Lack of hearing will not just impact how you experience the world around you but will also affect your daily life negatively. If you are someone who drives to work, then you might not hear an approaching vehicle until it is too late, or you might miss out your stop on the metro! Wearing a hearing aid throughout the day will help eliminate all these problems.

If you are having trouble adjusting to your new lifestyle, you can approach your physician/ ENT specialist who will offer counselling sessions. In the course of these sessions, you will be taught the right ways of wearing your hearing aids, ideal tips for their maintenance, etc.

Having said this, living with hearing aids is no longer a problem, so how would you like to invest in the same – just go for it!

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