I first want to say Thank You to SelfGrowth.com for making me a Certified Expert in my field of Power Networking! It has been a long rough road in Networking and trust that I have the War Wounds to justify my Certification as an Expert in this field. Some think that being a Certified as an Expert means that you had some type of Formal Training in this field… well sometimes… this indeed is the case. However, in my case I have a mix of Formal Training & Practical Experience. The combination of these two areas gives me my stripes in this field! I am excited to relay this Education and Experience on to those whom seek me out! Having said that, I welcome you to my mind and I hope you are, as equally entertained, as you are informed.

A long time ago, when Man discovered the Rivers and Lakes and realized that within them spawned a valuable Food Source, was the time when society invented the position of Fisherman! Being a Fisherman was not a glamour job nor was it perceived as “dirty”. In fact, Fishermen commanded a great deal of respect within the community. They provided a valuable service that continues to this day. They didn’t really need much in the sense of Creature Comforts because they spent most of their days in the “trenches” battling for the day’s catch! All they needed were the simple things in life! No Flat Screens, No PS3s, No fancy Cars… Just Shelter, clothing, their families, and the food they knew they could catch!
Then… later… there was a paradigm shift in their communities. Sons of fathers that were Fishermen, as their Fathers were before them, decided they didn’t want to live the humble life of a Fisherman. However, they had to make a living, and since barter was the common system, they couldn’t do much other than fish in order to survive. This was until one person discovered that the training their father had given included learning how to make the Fishing Poles. Back then Fishing Poles were simple and not as complex as the ones today. Whenever a modification needed to be made to their Fishing Gear it was made on the spot with Father teaching the Son how to do so. The Sons that walked away from the Fishing Trade decided they could continue to eat as long as they made better fishing poles for the Fishermen!

Something strange happened when the Sons decided to do this… they realized that by supplying not one or two, but all of the Fishermen, would give them a reserve of Fish that they could barter with others in the community for different things. These things their fathers didn’t have, like nicer clothing from the tailors in the village, or Fresher Vegetables from the Farmers. And since they didn’t smell of the trade all the time they started to attract the attention, and therefore perpetuate the ascendency of a different class of villager. This “Class”, that didn’t look at the Fisherman Trade as the honorable trade that it was, or still is today, thus creating, or furthering the emergence of Classism!

The Pole Makers were growing in popularity. They prospered in the village because they were getting more fish from a wide group of Fishermen. They leveraged their Network! They had more fish than any one fisherman would take home to his family! They were even able to beat offers made to other vendors by these same fishermen for the exchange of goods and services, as they had more fish! They had more fish than they could divide amongst themselves and actually keep it fresh! And this fish was coming in Daily! Soon they had more fish than they could actually barter off! During this time something stranger happened… The Barter System was replaced by the Monetary System!

When the Monetary System came into play it wasn’t run by the Business Owner, or in this case, the Fishing Pole makers. It was run by a group of people, who knew other people from other villages, which required goods and/or services provided by this or maybe another village. Items for barter or trade would not be very valuable if they were perishable. It then became necessary to transport, in this case fish, via a third party that devised a way to provide the perishable goods to far away villages. Instead of bartering for a deal, these New Age Middle Men wanted a currency that would allow them to trade and get anything they wanted from other providers using this currency as the bartered item. The currency developed its own value and the beginning of the monetary system was established.

When the Monetary System first began, Business Owners and Middle Men alike became rich! Fishing Pole Makers found themselves exploring other opportunities within the business they already had established. They were able to sell not only their excess bartered goods, as the barter system did not disappear overnight, as well as their produced goods which were the Factory produced Fishing Poles! As demand increased the “Makers” had to hire and train help, to keep up with demand. By doing so they gave the help a wage and a learned trade. The apprentices didn’t earn much in wages as they had no idea what the Business Owners made in the first place so the owners gave the employees what they saw fit to give; usually, just enough to survive. This practice lives on today!

The real losers in this situation were the Fishermen! As they continued with their trade and had become accustomed to their lifestyles the world around them began to change. Their Wives, Sons & Daughters were subject to the ever broadening Classism taking place within their developing societies. The trade of Fisherman was slowly losing its appeal as a means of provision because the trade itself did not bring in much, if any, money! When the Fishermen finally realized what was happening, they of course demanded a fee for the items they produced; however, they were not well versed in the habits of business and therefore got the short end of the stick!

The fishermen thought “How could this happen to me? I can fish! These other people don’t fish! They live off of the efforts of my labor and my family suffers!” So in this train of thought comes the emergence of the Fisherman / Reluctant Businessman! This New Businessman has one thought in mind… “I have to learn what they know fast and make sure we never miss out on a capital opportunity. I also have to take care of the Network of Fishermen that Trust Me to handle their business and make a proper wage!” You know why the other Fisherman trusted him? Because this Businessman knew and respected the struggles of being a Fisherman, therefore he knew not to cheat his fellow brethren! He instead educated them on the power of being a Fisherman!

So what do you do? Do you Fish or Do You Make the Poles? Pole-making is a lucrative business and you can get rich being a Pole Maker. But who’s to say you will never have to actually Fish to survive. If the Monetary System fails, as it is indeed primed to do, Pole Makers go out of business because they have nothing to barter as they don’t even make poles anymore… They actually outsource and use fancy equipment to manufacture what their forefathers did by hand. While the Fisherman, whom also explores the use of “New Technology”, but never lost the skill of fishing by the Lake will continue to be able to survive and care for his family!

I am a “Fisherman” in the business of Educating People on How to Fish! The Power of being a Fisherman is not solely in the strength of your pole or how enticing your bait may be. It is indeed on how you Leverage your Network of Fishermen to add to the bigger pot so that everyone may eat! Not like savages, but as civilized human beings! I have braved these seas to find the most enticing catches and I want to relay this info on to you! My Name is Cedric! They call me C. F. Hutton! I want you to Call Me Today if you are a Fisherman too, and you want to know the best locations to cast your line and get the best fish available! I have already sent Experts I network with here on www.SelfGrowth.com a personal message to see if your “Experts” are indeed Fishermen or if they merely make the Poles!

This was a long article and I hope you understand the Metaphor implied here. Let me be clearer! I Will Make You Money Today by turning Networkers into Power Networkers! We will speak soon!

Success & Nothing Less!

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Cedric "C.F. Hutton" Farris is an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and Power Networker. Having completed work on his first eBook "BN2L Twit World Domination" on how to Leverage the Power of Twitter, He released the work Free of charge via his blog! He plans on releasing just two more books before he moves on to other business interests. The next Book due later this Month entitled "Masters of the Socialverse" will be, as he states "The Book that will change it all"! His main motivation is as an educator in the Science of Attracting People. He has several businesses including but not limited to a Consulting Business www.nbcgllc.com and and burgeoning Entertainment Company. Check out the Expert Page for more info.