If this is you, you are certainly not alone. I am an extrovert and I don't relish the thought of networking events either! I love being around lots of people, but networking is like a party with a purpose. The purpose is to meet new people or connect with those you already know. You might go there looking for a new client or looking for someone you might want to joint venture with.

Let's go back to the title of this article and the word 'should'. You know you 'should' go to networking events but why?

• It gets you out of your home office

• Makes you dress nicely and maybe even put on make up

• You may meet potential clients

• You may meet potential referral partners

• It's easier to get people to know you than on-line

• You might have fun!

The goal is not to see how many business cards you can collect. The goal is not to meet everyone in the room. One goal is simply the connections you will make with people.

The part where most people fall down is with the follow up, or lack of follow up.

What do you do with all those business cards you have collected? No, you don't put a rubber band around them and toss them in a drawer.

First of all, sort them out into categories. People who are interested in your work, people you may want to collaborate with and granted, there may be some you do just put in a drawer for another time.

Call them as soon as you can. The next day is the best but if that is not possible just be sure to call them within the week. If appropriate set up a time so that you can talk more than you were able at the networking event.

Even for those peoples whose cards you tossed in your draw, think about at the very least to send them an email saying how much you enjoyed meeting them.

If it's someone you really, truly want to make an impression on, then write them a note on nice stationary and mail it to them. It will only take 5 minutes and will put a smile on their face that you thought to go out of your way.

When you call someone, you most likely will get voice mail. People are busy; if they don't call you back, try them again. The same is true for email. We all get so many emails and it's so easy to miss an email and it just gets farther down the rabbit hole of emails as more come in their in-box. If you don't hear back from them, either email them again and/or call them.

Remember, networking is a 'must do' in your business. You can't build a solid business sitting in front of your computer. And don't forget the follow up!

How many networking events will you go to this month, this week? What is your goal that you want to achieve by going to these events? And don't forget to follow up!

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