Many a poet and philosopher has said that love is for all seasons. That’s true, but there’s nothing like Valentine’s Day to remind your significant other that you’ve fallen in love with her 365 times over the past year. The tried and true ways of showing your appreciation are always safe—cards, chocolates, and red roses. But why stop there?

There are plenty of creative gifts you can give that won’t deplete your wallet. They may take a bit of your time, but that’s good—when you invest time in a Valentine’s Day gift you make the occasion extra special and memorable. Nothing says, “I love you” like a creative gift of love.

The Eskimos have an amazing number of names to describe snow. Think like a romantic Eskimo when it comes it love—there are hundreds of unique ways that you can describe your love to that special person in your life. Soul touches soul when you come up with something new that says, “I love you.” And that’s so important, because romance is like a warming fire—it goes out if it’s not continually rekindled.

Don’t be afraid to be daring and offbeat! It’s better to have tried something new and fizzled than to not try anything new at all. And you always get points for trying.

Here are 10 gift suggestions that will make get your creative juices flowing and just might make you the hero this Valentine’s Day!

1. Buy a big melon … carve out “I love you” on it … put it on the top shelf in the refrigerator where she’ll certainly see your (healthy) gift.

2. Buy new white linen sheets and purchase two-inch adhesive-backed felt letters. Make the bed with the new sheets, and stick the following message on the top sheet: “You’re the only one that I dream of waking up with—I love you!”

3. Purchase a large bar of soap and carve it into a heart shape. Place it in the shower soap tray with a note: “Everything about my love for you is so pure—can I share this soap with you?”

4. Buy a Crayola washable window writer and write; “I love you” on the odometer glass of her car.

5. Get a white helium balloon and write on it with a magic marker: “Thank you for being in my life to love.” Put it in the clothes closet or somewhere where she’ll see it when she gets up in the morning.

6. Purchase a washable red magic marker (not the permanent kind). Write on several of the shower tiles (up high and down low) the words, “I love every part of you.”

7. Make her an omelet for breakfast. On the top, spell out “I Love You” with thin slices of red pepper.

8. If there’s snow on the ground, buy some red food coloring and draw a big heart in a snow mound. Add the words “I love you” in the middle. Find an excuse to get her outside to see your work!

9. Buy some small self-adhering letters. Spell out, “There’s not enough time in a day to spend with you” on the face of the kitchen clock.

10. Purchase a custom-made temporary tattoo (easily found online) with your loved-one’s name placed in a heart. Wear it on your forearm or the back of your hand for the whole the day.

If the above ideas seem corny, be assured, they are! But that’s the point: corny works. In fact, if a Valentine’s Day gift isn’t corny, it’s probably not romantic. The fact that you’re actually doing corny things will speak volumes. When you act corny you show your loved one that you care enough to drop all pretenses and make yourself vulnerable—for her!

Finally, when in the presence of your loved one on Valentine’s Day, you may become wonderfully speechless. So it’s wise to plan ahead. How will you say how you feel this Valentine’s Day? Where there is great love there is great imagination. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to let her know that you believe that, up there with the rainbow, she’s one of God’s most remarkable creations and you feel incredibly blessed to have her in your life.

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