Simply put confidence is focusing and believing in your ability rather than disability. It is all about self-esteem. The journey however starts in the mind. Your mind mirrors how you see yourself. If you think of yourself as a giant you will act as a giant, like wise if you see yourself as an ant, helpless and insignificant, you will exhibit characteristics of weakness. When you think success, you will succeed. Think failure, and you will fail woefully. “As a man thinks so is he.” How then can you redeem your confidence?

1. Change your thought process from negativity to positivity.
2. Know that who you are will totally depend on images established in your mind’s lens.
3. Acknowledge that you are the unique image of God, you are without, blemish spots or wrinkles.
4. Never apologize for being that unique being, you are called to be.
5. Know that you are born to rule and have dominion.
6. Any contrary perception of who you are is an illusion.
7. Resist any force that wants to challenge or destroy your authenticity.
8. Affirm and confess, that you are a king, above and not beneath, the head and not the tail.
9. Partner with higher consciousness for strength.
10. Celebrate, rejoice and have an attitude of gratitude, at all times.

Author's Bio: 

Pastor Tele Opakunle's calling as a Prophet and a Seer was established before her birth. She manifested intuitive abilities as a child. Though she emerged from an ancestry of staunch Christian believers, she has since moved beyond religion, to a higher consciousness of man’s purpose on earth. Pastor Tele is the founder of the Zion City Ministries Inc. Her focus is on empowerment. She teaches about the power within. Her message is that of “HOPE.” (Harmony, Order, Peace, and Eternal bliss) Tele Opakunle is a Prophetic Counselor, Life Coach, and a Spiritual Activist, who fights against the desecration of the earth and its fullness.